Mom Films Herself Pranking Her Toddler, Now People All Over Are Fuming At What She Did

Mom Films Herself Pranking Her Toddler, Now People All Over Are Fuming At What She Did


Sometimes, the food’s appearance doesn’t directly describe how it tastes. We’ve been warned from something that looks too good to be true but we have that stubborn attitudes and insist that we it for ourselves. Moms have the best understanding of how kids can be insistent on things that you know they would not be able to handle. When it comes to educating your children, sometimes it is best to let them directly experience it for them to learn.

Stephanie Wilson’s little guy, Gabriel, was overly fascinated with the eight-ounce can of Hershey’s Cocoa in their kitchen cabinet. If you are a kid, who wouldn’t be drawn to this chocolatey goodness? You would think that giving this a taste would be heaven!

Moms usually have this in the cabinet because it is one of the most important ingredients if you want to bake cookies, cakes, brownies, and so much more! You can even make a delicious hot chocolate with the Hershey’s Cocoa because this is made from 100% cacao. As per the Hershey’s site, the company’s canned cocoa is really a truly sweet deal from a dietary stance. It’s 100% natural, free of fat and sodium, with just 10 calories for every serving.

Stephanie was able to capture everything on video and her son’s reaction was priceless. She explained that she kept telling Gabriel that the cocoa has a bitter taste and it’s “going to be gross.” Her son keeps begging for a taste so she decided to let him have a go at it. He was sitting at the kitchen table alone so Stephanie handed him the can and a spoon.

It is a very short clip but it says it all! Stephanie can be heard discouraging Gabriel for the last time but as soon as he handed him the can with the spoon, he immediately grabs for it. While holding the tin can in front of the camera, she said, “The child will not stop insisting on tasting this. I keep telling him it’s going to be gross he does not want to listen. So I’m gonna let him find out for himself.” Gabriel eagerly scoops a little heap of the cocoa powder and puts it inside his mouth.

The moment the chocolatey powder hits his taste buds, his eyes went blank and his shoulders sagged. He’s clearly trying to gauge if the bitter, chalky powder is the taste that he’s been expecting to have. He turns the tin can around to make sure that this is the right can that he has been begging for. Sure it says “Hershey’s” but not as sweet as he hoped it would be. He coughs for a bit, spraying Hershey’s powder all over the table and pure admission of his wrong judgment can be seen in his expression. Stephanie was just there, supervising him the whole time.

For a couple of seconds, Gabriel looks like he’s trying to convince himself that it tastes good but his eyes closed and he frowned. Mom then asked him if he wants to spit it out and she said, “Come on go to the sink.” With her son’s reaction, Stephanie knows that her son truly learned his lesson. The video has received thousands of reactions and comments and it was also viewed for over 9 million times. This is one of the proofs for an old adage that says, “Mothers knows best,” Gabriel surely learned this the bitter way.


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