Mom Demands His Son’s Teacher Is Fired

Mom Demands His Son’s Teacher Is Fired


A Chinese mother whose son was assaulted in school by a teacher now wants the teacher fired. The mother was horrified when her son returned from school with a bright red palm print on his face. According to reports, the mark was left on his face after he was slapped repeatedly by a teacher at the Suyu HIgh School. It is believed that the teacher slapped the boy nicknamed Xiaochen 12 times for speaking to a classmate during a self-study session in his senior high school class.

As a result of the repeated slap on his face the student is said to have suffered a concussion and also had several burst vessels near his eyes. He is currently being treated at a hospital for his multiple injuries. According to footage released by the Beijing Times, Xiaochen is shown lying in a hospital bed at the Suqian Chinese Medicine Hospital, with the visible red marks on his face which clearly shows he had been slapped with a palm. The red mark extends from his forehead down to his mouth area, and doctors said he suffered partial temporary hearing loss.

According to a report published by the Yangtze Evening News, the said teacher dragged the boy from his seat to the front of the class and started hitting him right there in front of them. According to one of the students who witnessed the event, Xiaochen wasn’t the only one assaulted that day “The teacher lost his temper and first slapped a girl before hitting Xiaochen.” the student said.

Reports say a police report has bee filed against the teacher by Xiaochen’s family, and the case has also been reported to the Ministry of education. The teacher in question has already been dismissed, and the school has agreed to cater to all of Xiaochen’s medical expenses. It is unclear whether the teachers will be facing charges or not.

Many people commented on the incident and condemned the teacher’s actions. One of the comments left on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of the story read: “No child should ever have to endure this. Especially for an authority figure. Terrible” and “Who is the beast who did this? She should have been pictured and shamed.”

Another case of abuse like this became a subject of discussion online recently when a video showing a teacher beating up a student surfaced online. As expected many people expressed their anger at the teacher. One person noted: “he needs to be banned from going near any children.”

Another person who commented on the issue tried to allay the fears many might have about schooling in CHIna. According to the commenter, you might have to study hard in school in China, but abuse like this is quite uncommon. “If you think this happens everywhere in China, you’re sadly mistaken. You study very hard in school, but nobody is allowed to punish you like this. This man was more than likely beaten by his parents as a child, hence his actions reflected on his student. This is wrong, and he needs to be re-educated not to beat children.” the user wrote.

However, another person who commented believes abuse like this is quite common and occurs everywhere in China: “The truth is, this happens everywhere in China. This is what communism is; teachers beat students every single day. True, some people might not be as soulless as this one seen in the video, but the beating/discipline still very well exists until this day and is very normal to their culture. It’s not okay — you should condemn it, not justify it.”

The original commenter responded to the allegations, he strongly believes cases like this are an isolated and not common occurrence in China: “Is that what you think or just a misinterpreted fact you heard? I’ve been to school in Chongqing. My best friend is an English teacher in primary school as well. I’ve never witnessed nor heard of a teacher physically punishing a student. I will admit, my ex-girlfriend got slaps on the wrist from one of her teachers when she was in her youth, but that was years ago and in a smaller school. The only form of punishment towards a student that I’ve heard of is reporting the misbehaving child to their parents and having them take care of their child at home. This doesn’t just happen in China you know?

Whether this is an isolated case or not, no teacher should ever treat a child this way, and the erring teacher should be held liable for it to discourage others like him.


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