Missing Baby reunited with his father; stray dog seen ‘guarding’ the wandering child

Missing Baby reunited with his father; stray dog seen ‘guarding’ the wandering child


Dogs will always have an unexplained special relationship with kids. That is why many parents get their young children a dog to care for. However, this child met a dog at the most unexpected moment of his life.

You see, Kh’amorion Taylor was reported missing. And when he was found, the person who found him noticed that a dog was staying by his side all this time, as if guarding the lost boy. The neighbor found Hk.amorion walking around the North St. Louis neighborhood and he was with a dog who never left his side.

The neighbor who wants to remain anonymous was walking her dogs when she spotted him on his own. She knew that the boy was lost so she made sure that he got home safe. She said, “He looked well taken care of, he was very neat, very clean; he just didn’t have the shoes on.”

And finally, this toddler is back in his father’s arms after he spent the entire morning on his own. He was walking in his pajamas with a huge pit bull by his side. She said, “I knocked on the doors up and down the street. Knocked on the doors, no answers; no one who did answer, they didn’t recognize the child.”

For four hours, she walked and knocked on every door. Then the news about this lost boy reached social media. This is how the boys’ father knew where to find him. So he immediately sprung into action to get to his boy.

Nobody knew yet how the little boy got out of his home. But thanks to the concerned neighbor who never took the situation lightly. Because of her, the boy was able to get back to his family. He was lucky because he lives in a community that cares and supports each other. She was definitely a superhero that day.

She said, “It is important that we stick together, that we help each other, that we go back to the things that our grandparents and their community used to do. That we build a sense of unity. Because it takes a village and children, especially, are innocent.”

Talking about that large dog, the boy said that he really liked him. He shared that the pit bull guarded him. Also, the stray pit bull ended up getting adopted by the St. Louis police!

Dogs have feelings too. Even for pit bulls that are known to be scary and feisty, they surely have a gentle side too. In fact, many families consider pit bulls as their pets. Contrary to popular belief, pit bulls can be sweet and gentle too. According to dog trainers, pit bulls can be trained to be good even with babies.

Well, it would not be a surprise if Kh’amorion will end up asking his dad for a dog this time. The boy definitely has a ‘dog whisperer’ vibe. The dog probably realized that he was lost and needed help. The boy has two heroes that day, the pit bull that guarded him all morning and the woman who happened to be walking her dog that morning.

If not for them, nobody can tell if the boy would be able to get reunited with his dad that quickly.


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