Michael Buble And Barbara Streisand Team Up For A Duet That Blows The Roof Off Of The Place

Michael Buble And Barbara Streisand Team Up For A Duet That Blows The Roof Off Of The Place


There are so many amazing artists in the music industry but no one can compare to Michael Buble and Barbra Streisand.

Michael Buble is one of the best-selling singers and has by far the best Christmas albums of all time! He is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and also a record producer. He has throngs of fans from all over the world. He is very successful, definitely more than he can ever hope for. He has won multiple awards which includes four Grammy Awards and numerous Juno Awards. His very first album reached the top ten in Canada and in the UK without any problem.

But even though he has already achieved so much in his life, there is still one thing that he wanted to cross off his bucket list – to sing with Barbra Streisand!

He thought that this will just be wishful thinking but he is very lucky because he got the chance to finally perform with Barbra Streisand. She asked him to sing with her “It Had To Be You.” Michael said yes automatically, who wouldn’t? And the performance that followed was definitely a superfan’s dream!

Before their much-awaited performance, Buble tried to make the mood lighter by cracking a joke to Barbra whom he had never personally met before. He told her, “This is the cheapest recording session I’ve ever had… because you’re paying for it!” During the pre-recording interview, Buble revealed that Barbra is one of his musical idols when he was just a child so he doesn’t want to mess up today. Buble is very honored to be asked to sing a duet with her saying:

“…the company that I’m in is an incredible company to be keeping. I just wanted to show up and not let her down.”

Barbra also sensed how tensed he was and she just made her at ease. Barbra wanted to use his ‘big-band style’ in the song and make him feel at home. Buble is a big-band singer so she thought that why not start this song as a ballad and then have the big band take over. “You can just tell by his attitude, his voice, his freedom, his sense of self. We can play with the sound.”

As expected, an orchestra will be playing behind them. Unlike other artists, Barbra has always recorded with an orchestra ever since her first album. It’s a lot of fun for her and she gets inspired by how the orchestra is playing and can make her do things that she hasn’t thought of until that moment while she sings with them.

Barbra and Buble took their own sound booths and started experimenting with the song, trying different options to make the song sound perfect. For Barbra, live music is very important and she will never record a song without it. Upon hearing the final version of “It Had To Be You,” anyone would be able to understand why she has to record it with an orchestra and amazing musicians like Michael Buble.

Recording with an orchestra is not something that most artists do. Bu hearing the end result of this recording is surely magical. The sound can surely make you appreciate it more. Listen to Barbra and Buble’s rendition of this breathtaking “It Had To Be You.”


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