Meghan Markle Spots Wheelchair Bound Girl, Walks Right Up To Her And Changes Her Life

Meghan Markle Spots Wheelchair Bound Girl, Walks Right Up To Her And Changes Her Life


Our primary purpose in life to help those who cannot help themselves and if we can’t, at least not hurt them. The royal family seems to understand this and take it to heart, and while they are unable to control much politically, they have made their stand on humanity. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle recently showed just how much they cared about children, particularly those with crippling conditions. The two had attended a Wellchild event (a non-governmental charity organization that cares for such children) where they had a chance to have one-on-one conversations with some of the children. Perhaps the most notable moment was the one they spent with little Matilda who suffered from spina bifida.

The prince and his wife arrived at the annual event dressed quite casually. They were received by some of the executive members who shook hands with the royalty. The couple then proceeded to have a chat with the first beneficiary of Wellchild, little Matilda who was the winner of the annual Wellchild awards. The couple greeted her and sat down to talk, and one could see the little girl beaming from her seat. This was a great deal for her.

Matilda had picked a fresh bunch of lowers for Duchess Meghan, and she handed them over to her while smiling from ear to ear. She was delighted that the royal family was concerned about her wellbeing. Meghan accepted the bouquet with a heartfelt thank you and sat down beside her. Harry also complimented them, letting Matilda know that he liked her taste.

The couple then began chatting away with Matilda who was smiling the whole time. There was a woman seated beside her who explained her situation to the prince and his wife, and they made the moment light by cracking a few jokes. Meghan told Matilda that she had a beautiful smile and that she should never stop smiling. We couldn’t agree more. Harry, on his part, took a flower from the bouquet in his wife’s hands and gave it to Matilda. He also made a pinky swear with her to agree with his wife’s observation. The girl was thrilled.

Harry also noticed that Matilda had a pug puppy toy that had been resting on her chair the whole time. When he asked about it, the little girl told him that it was named after Simon Cowell, the not-too-friendly producer and judge at Britain’s Got Talent. The prince agreed with her and humorously pointed out the resemblance.

Wellchild is a UK non-governmental organization that is dedicated to making sure that kids with serious illnesses receive all the care they deserve without necessarily being stuck in hospitals. It one team of well-wishers, supporters, professionals, and families that work together to ensure that such children receive the care and support they should have. The patron of the organization is the Dutch of Sussex, Prince Harry who made the day for little Matilda with his wife.

Matilda suffers a condition called spina bifida. This means that her nervous system is not developed properly, particularly her neural tube which is connected to her spinal cord. The state has left the young girl paralyzed from her waist down, and needs the aid of a wheelchair to move. Wellchild ensures that she receives the care and support she needs for as long as possible.


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