Meghan Markle Accidentally Reveals Her “Pet Name” For Prince Harry And People Love It

Meghan Markle Accidentally Reveals Her “Pet Name” For Prince Harry And People Love It


If you are a new couple or a newlywed, most people are curious about your pet names for each other. There are so many unique pet names invented by couples, but the classic ones are still there; like ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘love’, and so much more. A ‘Pet Name’ is a name that you use instead of the person’s usual first name and these are used to express fondness and familiarity. And yes, most couples have them.

Recently, a toe-curling, swoon-worthy moment happened when the Duchess of Sussex accidentally revealed her sweet pet name for her husband in front of dozens of people. We all know that this couple is open when it comes to their sweetness towards one another, but many are curious about how they address each other! Many people speculated but all of these was revealed at the most unexpected moment.

During their date night at the Hamilton on London’s West End on the 29th of August, Meghan and Harry were posing for a group photo together with the cast of the hit musical “Hamilton” when Meghan accidentally blurted it out. After the charity show, the couple went up the stage for a quick photo where Meghan was standing directly in front of Harry. She turned around to make sure that she was not blocking her husband from the camera. Everyone heard her say:

“Can you see, my love?” and the prince answered, “Yes I can.”

The cast of this hip-hop musical all responded with a series of “Ahhs” that caught Meghan off guard. A new footage has emerged after this sweet moment was shared on Instagram by one of the royal fans’ account.

Meghan was visibly embarrassed by the reaction of the onlookers as she placed her hand on her chest and said, “Oh!” the moment she realized that many actors and actresses of the show heard their sweet exchange. Despite the awkwardness for the Duchess, she composed herself in seconds and continued to smile for the picture.

The show “Hamilton” tells a story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. This show is inspired by the 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton by a historian named Ron Chernow. The show is incorporating hip-hop, R&B, soul, pop, and also the traditional-style tunes, making the show unique and entertaining. The even show pokes fun at one of Prince Harry’s distant relatives, King George III, who is a character of this musical and plays as a comical character.

According to sources, Meghan had already seen the show twice. The first one was with her friend Priyanka Chopra in New York, and again earlier this year with Prince Harry. Meghan was a sight to behold that night in her £327 dress made by a Canadian label Judith and Charles and Paul Andrew pumps.

The royal couple was introduced to the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal before they took their seats. Prince Harry told the cast, “I don’t know how you guys do this every single night, over and over again, and in this heat as well.” The royal couple were hosting the show’s gala performance that night in order to raise money for Prince Harry’s charity, Sentebale. This supports children who are affected with the HIV in Lesotho and Botswana.


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