What It Means If You See A Scarf Wrapped Around A Tree In Your Neighborhood

What It Means If You See A Scarf Wrapped Around A Tree In Your Neighborhood


Every year, the holiday season comes and goes. With time, people tend to forget the real significance of times like this. It all about love and sharing and while some might forget that fact, some people have chosen not to and have always come up with innovative and interesting ways to show love and care to people around.

One of such is the new trend that is currently making the rounds all over the US and it is both creative and adorable at the same time. the first time you spot colorful scarves being tied around the base of trees in a park or along the streets on the light posts, you might think they are some kind of street decoration. But you couldn’t have been more wrong.

While these brightly colored scarves might resemble cute fashion items, they serve an even higher purpose. Numerous people young and old from all walks of life are participating in this project. And while you might be left wondering what exactly what they want to achieve with this, it is until you find out the reason behind it that you realize how unique and noble their seemingly unimportant act is.

It turns out that these scarves are being tied to the trees for homeless men and women who are in grave danger from the freezing cold temperature associated with the holiday season. The scarf is meant to provide much-needed warmth and insulation from them from the cold winter blizzards.

Many of these lovely scarves come with lovely and heartwarming messages like this:

“I’m not lost! Please take me with you if you are cold. Stay warm. God bless!”

Elizabeth one of those who makes the life-saving scarfs spoke to WCCO News about just how amazing it feels to help the homeless population.

“I think it’s a great thing to be able to do for the community. [There’s] a lot of people behind it, a lot of support. It’s really nice.” She said.

Homelessness is one of the major problems faced in cities all over the world. Despite efforts by government at all levels to provide the basic necessity to all its citizens it is virtually impossible to deliver basic amenities to all members of the society. Some simply aren’t able to afford shelter which has become increasingly expensive in so many cities of the world thus raising the number of people on the streets.

With the increase comes the challenge of catering for this population of homeless people. There is a limit to the number shelters can take in which is why simple gestures like these are valuable to help them get buy. There have even been cases of people donating fur coats and other clothing items just to help the homeless stay warm during the cold month.

For those who cannot afford the cost of buying coats or booths, you can simply buy a scarf instead. Some people even go well beyond buying the scarves and tying them, they take the pain of hand knitting these special scarves. This beautiful trend which started in Seymour in Indiana is gradually finding its way across every state in the country.
You can also join in on this trend and help save a life either by buying a scarf and donating it or spending some time to knit scarfs for this purpose. So the next time you spot these scarves in the park or anywhere else, now you know why it’s there.


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