Matthew McConaughey Surprises First Responders With Gift That Has Some People Fuming

Matthew McConaughey Surprises First Responders With Gift That Has Some People Fuming


Texas has been through a lot since it was shaken by Hurricane Harvey. A lot of people was affected by the disaster but each and every person remained strong and helpful to other people. Those who deserve the most commendation would be the first responders. However, their efforts did not go unnoticed because the actor Matthew McConaughey who is a Texas native helped honor the emergency workers of the state for what they have done during and after Hurricane Harvey.

Of course for McConaughey, his tribute would include free turkey and bourbon!

According to McConaughey, he is a Texas born and raised and by acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the first responders in Houston means a lot to him on a personal level. The actor spent his entire Sunday delivering free lunch, frozen turkeys, and also some samples of Wild Turkey bourbon to the first responders all throughout Houston.

McConaughey even made time for the 911 operators and also the emergency room staff who helped Houston during the catastrophic storm. During his visit at the Houston Fire Department, he said, “Basically today is about saying thank you to these people that were all on the front line and got out there to rescue people first.” What made his visit and thoughtful gifts more special is because this happened on First Responders Day. The specific day intended to recognize the important work of the emergency departments of America.

His visit was sponsored by Wild Turkey and he also helped organize it. He thanked some of the departments that he visited for supporting Team Rubicon which is a charity for veterans and emergency workers that the actor also represents. He said, “I am glad to make it to Houston to recognize how important these folks are.”

Plenty of pictures of him was shared online where he makes time to stop, smile, and pose for photos. He is also showing off gifts of his own like the bright red fire helmet! McConaughey recalls that over the past year with the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, the Carolinas and also Florida, including the fires in California, there has been a number of heroic men and women in the front lines of these natural disasters. The actor is just glad that he is able to make it to Houston to recognize how important these people are.

This heartfelt show of support also earned McConaughey a ‘thank you’ from the Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. He wrote on Twitter that Houston is honored to welcome him to the city and he is personally thanking him for spending time and recognizing the police officers and firefighters, as well as the 911 dispatchers for their service.

For those who know Matthew McConaughey, we know that this is not the first time for him and Wild Turkey to team up and recognize deserving people. If you can remember just last year, he also marked his 47th birthday by giving 4,500 frozen turkeys to the residents of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky which is the home of the Wild Turkey distillery. Plenty of locals were happy to personally meet the star and be given free turkey!

This is one of the greatest things a person has done for the city’s first responders. They surely deserve the gifts and the recognition for all the hard work that they are putting in for their community.


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