Marine Dances With His Daughter At Quinceanera And Blows Away Guests With Their Routine

Marine Dances With His Daughter At Quinceanera And Blows Away Guests With Their Routine


Few things even come close to matching up to the relationship that most fathers have with their daughters. A father is the first man that comes into the life of his daughter, and in most cases, he is the one who stays there longest. This could be said of what retired marine Leonardo and his daughter Jasmine have. The man decided to throw a Quinceanera for his daughter, which is basically a custom party among Mexicans that celebrates the girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood. On Jasmine’s fifteenth birthday, six hundred people joined her parents and little brother to mark her transition. One of the events that will not be easily forgotten by those who were present was the father-daughter dance.

When the dance began, everyone sat back and waited with anticipation to watch the dance. Jasmine looked absolutely stunning in her blue dress and tiara; she was almost a replica of one of Disney’s princesses. Her father, on his part, was dressed in his full navy regalia and looked quite handsome in his dark blue uniform and white gloves. The two took to the dance floor, ready to rock the night and have fun.

When the music began, the man held his daughter, and they started the customary slow dance. It was a beautiful sight and quite touching too. Jasmine’s blue dress swayed from side to side, and it all looked like one of those dances in a ballroom in some fairy tale. The guests watched in admiration as the two made their way across the stage. Today was Jasmine’s day, and she was going to have as much fun as she liked.

As the two danced on, their family and friends cheered enthusiastically. Others whipped out their phones and captured the glorious moments. Jasmine was all smiles as she twirled in her fancy blue lace dress. Suddenly the slow music transformed into a more urban and faster beat. The two pushed each other away dramatically and started dancing uniformly to the song. It was evident that the two had practiced hard for this, and they both danced enthusiastically, never missing a move even once.

The look on Jasmine’s dad was one of pure joy. And my! The man had some moves. He danced like a teenager, taking every step with so much hype that the crowd could not help but cheer him on.

They pulled Gangnam style quite well, and everyone applauded. It was actually quite funny, and they both laughed at how silly the whole thing looked. That was the point, though. They were there to have fun. And it was important that Jasmine enjoyed herself on her fifteenth birthday. The choreography seemed to come to an end, and soon they were both just dancing their own freestyles. One could see the envy on everyone’s faces as if they wanted to join them.

A minute before the dance ended, jasmine’s little brother showed up to relieve his dad. It was his turn to dance with his big sister now. They dance to Watch Me Nae Nae, then her dad came back. The crowd cheered wildly, obviously quite entertained. The dance ended on a slower tone, the same way it had begun. This was one of those moments that Jasmine would treasure for life.


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