Man’s Hilarious Attempt to Make Bed for First Time in 45 Years Goes Viral

Man’s Hilarious Attempt to Make Bed for First Time in 45 Years Goes Viral


Joanne and Jim Sterling of Manson, Washington became instant famous online because of Jim’s unique ways of making the bed. The newly retired 66-year-old was given the chore by wife Joanne as a way to “pull his weight” around the house.

You see, Jim has not been making the bed for quite a long time now. And for the first time in 45 years, he is in charge of doing this. Most couples, after being together for decades, will settle into a routine like who will take the responsibility of making the bed every single day. And for this couple, it was Joanne who had been making the bed she shared with her husband for more than four decades.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Joanne said, “Once he’d retired, I told him he had to start pulling his own weight and start helping out around the house.”

Joanne wondered exactly what would happen if Jim would take responsibility for the bed-making duties. Good thing she documented each of his attempts because the results he produced are highly entertaining.

He tried, however, no matter what, he can’t seem to figure out what to do with the extra pillows!

Joanne started taking daily pictures of his attempts and uploaded them to Facebook. The photos immediately went viral. In fact, many were looking forward to what Jim’s next arrangement is gonna be.

Joanne noted on Facebook that she doesn’t “think he knows what to do with the extra pillows.” But his basic stacking-pillow technique that he did the first day quickly turned into a more inventive and decorative process on his next attempts.

She said, “I couldn’t believe the interest his little creations have had. I guess other couples can just relate to a husband not knowing what he’s doing around the house.” She adds, “The bed stays this way until we go to bed, and I giggle every time I pass by it. My favorite was the very first one because it made me laugh so hard. It keeps us both in a good mood.”

He had a couple of tries and it was hilarious every time. In one of his attempts, Jim was doing well. He managed to make the bed itself and it looked pretty neat. But then it seems that he was not sure if the pillow belong on that end of the bed, which is the wrong side.

In another attempt, he made pillow towers. His next effort was to line the extra cushions in front of the sleeping pillows, which is probably the closest he managed to get to a “normal” arrangement. It’s not like how you’d see it done in a show home, but we can tell he was pleased with his work on this one.

He had other clever ideas like stacking the pillows, making a tower out of them, and even using some stuffed animals. But there was one day that he said he was on a strike and didn’t make the bed at all. He probably ran out of ideas. But he kept going the next day.

When you have been doing something yourself for so long, it can be incredibly interesting to hand the task over to someone else. That’s exactly what happened here with Jim’s bed-making techniques. There is no doubt that he is getting better every day.


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