Man Yells At Guilty Dog But Quickly Bends Over In Laughter At Dog’s Apology That’s Caught On Camera

Man Yells At Guilty Dog But Quickly Bends Over In Laughter At Dog’s Apology That’s Caught On Camera


Dogs are so adorable; they can get away with almost any offense. One of the greatest and most effective weapons in their Arsenal is the puppy dog eyes. All dog lovers know that look. That said guilty expression your dog gives when it has done something terrible and wants to placate you.

Even those with the coldest heart might find resisting such an adorable look almost impossible. This video of a dog and its owner is just another proof of how incredibly cute dogs can be when apologizing for their offense.

This clip shows and heartwarming interaction between Ettore and his owner Antonio Federica. Although the man spoke Italian in the video, translation made available by someone at Rumble revealed that Ettore was being scolded for an offense he had committed. While it is unclear what exactly he had done wrong, it was obvious that he was guilty and he knew it.

But as Antonio continues to scold his dog, the dog goes into “full apologetic mode” and that is when everything starts to turn adorable all of sudden. The canine starts by burrowing his head into Antonio’s chest while he chided him on.

“Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand,” says Antonio.

As if to respond to the question, Ettore crawls into Antonio’s lap and makes eye contact with him before nuzzling him further.

At this point, the dog’s show of remorse must have gotten to you so much that you are probably wondering why it is taking so long for Antonio to forgive him. But the man is probably used to his dog’s cute gimmicks already and keeps up the stern face.

“You are wrong, Ettore. Ettore you are wrong,” this time more gently. “Do you understand where you made the mistake? Do you understand?” he prods the dog further.

But despite his show of strictness, Antonio finally forgives his pup at the end of the video and give the dog a warm hug. It hard to tell whether dogs really feel guilty or not, as far as we know, only humans seem to show that type of emotions but dogs like Ettore sometimes leave you wondering if Animals can really feel emotions too.

But despite shows like this Famous dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan believes secondary emotions like jealousy, pride, and guilt require a mental capacity which seems to be beyond the psychological capacity of other creatures asides humans. We can only conclusively say that they can experience primary emotions like fear or happiness but saying they also experience secondary emotions is stretching the truth too far.

So if dogs can feel sorry what’s with the show of emotion then? Experts seem to think that these are mere forms of submissiveness rather than an apologetic move. “I don’t know what you’re saying, but you’re mad about something. “I’m just going to look meek and let you know that you’re in charge,” Ceaser explained.

Ljerka Ostojic, a research associate at Cambridge University, also agrees with Ceaser’s theory

“If that guilty look is really an expression of contrition, they would only show it when they have done something wrong. But that’s not the case.”

Whether you agree with the experts or not, you have to admit that Ettore’s show of remorsefulness proves that he wants to make peace with its owner no matter the rationale behind his actions. And many people who have seen the video are just as impressed.

Here are some of the comments on the video

“And that’s how dogs can get away with anything”

“Can I adopt you both?”

“Even the animals in Italy are romantic.”

“Adorable! I’d forgive him even if he chewed my shoes.”


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