Man Takes In Puppies He Finds In Garden, Then Doctor Tells Them They Aren’t Dogs At All (photos)

Man Takes In Puppies He Finds In Garden, Then Doctor Tells Them They Aren’t Dogs At All (photos)


While participating in cleaning activities in his neighborhood, one Craig McGettrick came across a litter of what looked like puppies at the local garden. They were alone, huddled up in one corner, and the mother was nowhere to be seen. Craig thought that they had been abandoned by their mother, and decided to take responsibility for them.

The man called upon his friend Beccie, and the two gathered the puppies in a cardboard box that was lined with soft towels. They then took them to the town’s animal rescue facility where they took a few photos of them. Craig and Beccie shared the images on Facebook to see if anybody would claim them. Instead, they got some surprising information that left them no choice but to return the pups where they had found them.

As the photos began doing rounds on social media, the two were contacted by the National Fox Welfare Authority which delivered some news about the litter. Apparently, Craig had come across fox cubs and not puppies as he had thought.

They sent some more photos over, and the society confirmed that indeed what they had in their hands were baby foxes.

As no one was expected to claim baby foxes, the man and his friend were left with no choice but to return the cubs where they had found them, hoping that their mother would show up soon enough. The puppies were quite hungry, but Craig decided not to feed them so that they would get hungry and cry out for their mother. That way, she would hear them and come back to feed them, maybe even take them with her.

Craig thought that if he put them exactly where he had found them, it would be easier for their mother to find them. He figured that the mother would come looking in the last place she left them. He also believed that mother fox would come looking at night so that she would not have to cross paths with the humans. True to this, the cubs were nowhere to be seen in the morning. Their mother had come back for them.

Just like any other young ones, when fox cubs are born, they depend entirely on their mother for food, warmth, and protection. They are deaf and blind, and their eyes start opening up a few days later. They have short black fur (this may depend on the type of fox), and they can easily be mistaken for puppies as they look strikingly similar to the dog’s young ones.

Their mother rarely leaves them and relies on the male fox for food as she stays with her young ones. They may freeze to death when she leaves, especially in places with low temperatures. The young ones are also vulnerable to predators such as bears and jackals. For about four weeks, the babies feed solely on their mother’s milk and hardly chew anything until their teeth start developing.

Mother Fox only leaves her babies when their father is not around. She has to go feed so that she can produce milk for her babies. This may have been the situation with the puppies that Craig found at the garden. Their mother returned later and relocated them to a place where she thought was safer for them.


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