Man Desperate For Money Sells His 1 Week Old Daughter To Strangers For $4,500

Man Desperate For Money Sells His 1 Week Old Daughter To Strangers For $4,500


While you may think that society and humankind, in general, are advancing toward a more civilized age, you will be shocked to learn that some people are very conservant. They would rather go by their old ways than adapt to the new ones. A perfect example of such people includes those that refuse to use technology and use traditional methods of doing things instead. Most times, this does no harm, and it is okay to let them be. Other times, their resistance to change poses danger to other people and intervention becomes necessary.

One such case is that of a Chinese man who did the unthinkable; he sold his daughter because he wanted a son. Traditionally, in almost every cultural background, sons were more preferred than daughters. This is because they were responsible for carrying on the family name and were basically the bloodline. They also made the perfect apprentices to carry on their father’s legacy. Girls, instead, were seen as inferior beings who would eventually get married into another household and leave their original homes. They were also not considered strong enough to carry on the family legacy.

Xiaohui, a man from Yiwu in Zhejiang China seems to see things pretty much the same way. The father to two daughters is desperate for a son and hoped with all his might that the second born would not be a girl. To his disappointment, it was a bouncing baby girl. While most people would simply let it go and hold their daughters, Xiaohui was furious. He could not believe what he considered his bad luck. He decided to do something about it and make money at the same time without letting his mother know.

His mom, being the caring and loving woman she was, was always present at the birth of each child to offer her help. When the second child was born, her son would not let her anywhere close to the girl. She was forced to leave the meals she had prepared at the doorstep.

One day, she came to visit and luckily, her son was not home. Her daughter-in-law let her in and almost immediately, she could tell that something was wrong. She noticed that there was no baby in the house and quickly rang up her son to ask about it. When he did not tell her anything, she called the police.

Xiaohui was duly arrested and interrogated at the police station where he confessed to having sold the ten-day-old baby for £4500. The couple that had bought her was from another province and were only too glad to pay up since they had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for ten years now.

The sellers were tracked down and detained at the police station where they cooperated and revealed that they had bought the baby online. The baby girl was reunited with her mother and grandmother who were only too glad to have her back.

Child and women trafficking crimes in China are punishable for five or ten years, or even a life sentence. Other times a death penalty is also issued. If you suspect anyone is carrying out such business be sure to call the police immediately. You could save someone’s life from such cruel people.


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