Man Builds Stairs For Park To Help The Elderly, Town Rips It Down

Man Builds Stairs For Park To Help The Elderly, Town Rips It Down


In Toronto, Canada, one neighbourhood got excited and thrilled when they received news about getting a beautiful community garden. The garden would be situated at Tom Riley Park, which was a favourite spot for the entire region, chiefly for the seniors that lived in the area. There was a catch; the seniors couldn’t easily reach the garden due to lack of a staircase. When interviewed by a local news station, an elderly man, Adi Astl, talked of how people would hurt themselves while trying to reach the garden.

Adi Astl told the local station that the situation wasn’t good for anyone adding to it how one senior even broke their hands while trying to reach the beautiful garden.

Adi decided to reach out to a city council member and inquired about a staircase being built to ease the situation for the elderly. He got a very shocking response that made him take matters into his own hands. The council member told him that it would cost between sixty-five thousand and one fifty thousand to construct a set of stairs; this meant that they would have to wait a bit longer for the situation to be handled, and to Adi, that wasn’t right.

Luckily, he is good with his hands since he was once a mechanic. He decided to put his skills to work and spent only five hundred and fifty dollars to install a set of stairs that would serve the community. It took him only fourteen hours to finish installing it and his actions thrilled the community.

A few days after the completion of the stairs, the city government gave the community bad news about the set of stairs. They said that the stairs were not built to code and were required to be demolished.

The city council added that despite the stairs built were well-intentioned, they had not met the required safety standards and that everyone who used the staircase was at risk of getting hurt; this was because the staircase would serve the community for a short term season but in the long term, they would be weak and wouldn’t be in a position to serve the community again. Soon after the staircase had been torn down, Adi received a call from the City’s Mayor.

John Tory, Toronto’s Mayor, reached out to Adi to congratulate him for his actions and efforts to safeguard his community. Not only did the Mayor thank Adi for his gesture, but also told him that they had found set of city-code stairs at ten thousand dollars, which was a much reasonable price than the ones he had been told before. The mayor’s remarks made enlightened Adi and made him happy since the community would get what they always wanted. It didn’t matter to Adi who had built the set of stairs as long as the community’s safety was ensured.

Later on, Mr John the mayor issued a statement expressing how disappointed he was with how the stairs situation had been handled before. In his statement, he thanked Mr Adi for his efforts and added that his home-made set of stairs had sent a clear message to the city staff. He was also happy that the elderly would be able to reach the garden without much struggle.


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