Man Is Arrested For Walking Up To Mom And Trying To Buy Her Child For $200,000, But It Gets Worse

Man Is Arrested For Walking Up To Mom And Trying To Buy Her Child For $200,000, But It Gets Worse


When parents are out to the mall or go shopping with their kids, they always make sure that they have their eyes on their children. They always have their little ones by their side. So when an 81-year-old man approaches a mom and daughter at a Florida Walmart, she thought it was nothing. But the moment he asked her this question, her disgusting proposition sent them running for the security.

Tracy Nigh and her 8-year-old daughter were enjoying a regular shopping day at Walmart when this man offered Tracy some money to buy her little kid!

Tracy and her kid were sitting on a bench inside the Walmart store when 81-year-old Hellmuth Kolb asked the mom if she is willing to accept cash in exchange for her daughter. This disgusted her so much and she suddenly felt unsafe for her and for her daughter.

This mom shared that at first, the man asked her if she was married, then he offered her a bargaining price of $100,000 if she will give him her daughter. To her surprise, he kept increasing the amount and even gave her a final offer of $200,000!

During her interview with WKMG, she told the local news that she immediately got up to leave but the man grabbed her daughter by the arms and legs and also kissed her on her wrist. This is when Tracy alerted the Walmart security and the police were then notified. The man was able to escape.

Tracy decided to share her story on Facebook and warned other parents. She wrote:

“Shook, rocked and shocked to the core. A man at the Port Orange Walmart offered me 200k for my child today. Grabbed her by the arm and kissed her wrist. My 8-year-old little girl!!!! We are pressing charges.”

Tracy also added that people should be careful with their daughters, their wives, and all of the women in their lives. Tracy shared how this man simply asked her personal questions. She wrote, “I can’t answer a lot of questions yet, the police have the footage from Walmart and are searching for him.”

The concerned mom also made sure to include her description of Hellmuth saying that he is around 5’10 – 5’11 in height and weighs about 200 lbs. Since the police are still searching for him, Tracy wrote in her Facebook post that the man is in his 60s with gray hair, no facial hair, and spoke with an Austria accent. He was also driving a dark-colored Mercedes SUV.

Thankfully, this encounter was caught on the store’s surveillance video and he was identified. His address was also located using his credit card transactions and social media. Another woman with the same experience with this man shared what happened and it didn’t take a long time for him to be arrested, taken into custody, and was charged with battery and false imprisonment.

A reporter visited Hellmuth’s home for an interview after he was bonded out of jail. He denied the allegations and told the reporter that he didn’t even know why he was in court. His wife also stood behind him and just told her husband to shut the door and not to answer any questions anymore.


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