Luckily A Teacher Is Recording These Student Safety Officers, Their Actions Quickly Go Viral

Luckily A Teacher Is Recording These Student Safety Officers, Their Actions Quickly Go Viral


Like humans, mother dogs are overly protective of their litter. They will make sure that they do everything to protect them from possible harms and dangers of their surroundings. This amazing story began at the shelter located in South Texas. This momma dog was having a hard time caring for her pup named “Benzy.”

These two dogs arrived at the shelter together and it was clear that one would not survive without the other. A volunteer at the shelter was able to capture this amazing reaction and it was indeed a very sad scene to watch. The shelter knew that someone should step in to adopt these dogs but who would be willing to do so? It is already hard to find a forever home for one dog, how much more for these two?

There are plenty of rescued dogs out there who remain to be homeless because finding a family for them is challenge. Still, there are quite a number of stray dogs that we can find in the streets and we wonder how can they possibly survive especially if they have litters? Some of the dogs are lucky when they are rescued, but many would continue to be out there and sometimes end up abused.

The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared a video clip of these two sad dogs on Facebook and it immediately went viral! They stated that Momma Sadie would need some assistance in order to save her baby.

Dava was one of the people who saw this video on Facebook and she knew that she had to do something to help. When she saw these two dogs it immediately tugged at her heart. When she was able to view the video, it has already been viewed over 1500 times and she could not believe that this plenty of people were able to see it but nobody stepped in to help. Dava already had four dogs at her home but she is still willing to make the nine-hour drive to give these poor dogs a temporary home.

Dava informed the shelter that she would be able to provide help for these dogs and the shelter volunteers assisted her with her mission. They drove the dogs so they can meet Dava in Fort Worth. Once the dogs are in Dava’s car, its as if they knew that they are in good hands and they are already safe. These dogs, Sadie and Benzy, knew that Dava only wants the best for them.

Dogs have this special instinct and they know when they are in danger or not. This is why many people have them as pets for security and protection. These dogs arrived at their new home and the pup Benzy immediately became friends with Dava’s current dogs. However, momma didn’t take this too well at first but in time, she also got used to it.

Benzy and Sadie will remain in Dava’s care for the meantime and she is more than willing to take them. However, these dogs will still need a forever home and Dava together with the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are hoping that they would soon find a family that can take them both. The organization can also take your donations from you and your friends who are willing to help.


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