Loretta Lynn Fans Are Devastated Over News Circulating Around

Loretta Lynn Fans Are Devastated Over News Circulating Around


Rumors are circulating regarding Loretta Lynn and many believe that she was dying. Reports last week said that she was in her last days!
The fans of this coal miner’s daughter were heartbroken upon hearing the news. There are even articles going around online telling fake news about Loretta Lynn. A source that is close to the singer told RadarOnline, “It’s so sad to see Loretta breaking down.”

Loretta suffered a stroke and she broke her hip! But is she well? Is she really dying?

The source explains that Loretta needed assistance when walking. She also suffers from glaucoma which is why her vision is severely compromised. She already has in-house nursing care and her four kids are also there with her almost every day. But even though she always has someone around to assist her, they are still afraid of another fall that can possibly cost her life. They also believe that she would be better off in a facility where she will be closely monitored 24/7.

The singers’ Facebook post included a video where she responds to the story. She said, “You’re kiddin’ me!”

Loretta Lynn also responded to this fake news. She said, “Well, through the years they’ve said I’m broke, homeless, cheating, drinking, gone crazy, terminally ill, and even dead! Poor things can’t ever get it right. I guess if those old pesky tabloids are harassing me then they’re giving someone else a break……but I’m about an inch from taking ’em to Fist City!”

If you want to know read fake articles about this issue, you can go ahead and check out these hashtags:

If you are a big fan of Loretta Lynn, know the truth! Everyone is happy to hear that she is doing fine. Her latest album, “Wouldn’t it Be Great” was postponed because of the state of her health. But it was released in September 2018. In fact, Loretta was feeling well to take the stage for her 87th birthday concert in April. She sang “Coal Miner’s Daughter” together with an all-star group of guests and performers.

In response to Willie Nelson reading false reports of his death online, Loretta said, “I ain’t dead, and neither is Willie.” Nelson even wrote a song about his experience and it was entitled, “Still Not Dead.” Loretta added, “Both of us are coming back to life, and we’re gonna raise hell.”

Loretta also shared a post for Father’s Day. She began her post on a moving note saying, “I had the sweetest daddy in the world. It seems like a lifetime ago, but only yesterday in some ways that we kids lived with mommy & daddy in the holler. He loved his kids and we all knew it.”

She recalled how her dad would try to preserve the battery on his radio so he can listen to the news about the war while she would sneak in to play with the radio. She also went on to share her loving memories with her dad. Her dad died at 51 and it was heartbreaking for Loretta.

She also went on to advice everyone:

“If your father is still living, tell him you love him, hug him while you have him. Do it today, don’t wait until tomorrow. Daddy, thanks for loving me. I know you’re still smiling at me….from the best seats in the House! Love you, Loretty”


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