Loggers Are In For The Find Of A Lifetime After Cutting Through Massive Tree Trunk (video)

Loggers Are In For The Find Of A Lifetime After Cutting Through Massive Tree Trunk (video)


If you have dogs, you know too well that they love to chase anything in the backyard. It can be other dogs in the family, a cat, or even a butterfly! And sometimes they also love to run around with kids.

Somehow, one dog had a sad fate decades ago.

Loggers from Georgia were doing their job on a regular day. They cut down a huge oak tree, but they have to stop for a while when they found a creature inside a tree trunk. It shocked them but they, later on, realized what it was.

It’s a mummified dog! Sadly it died doing what dogs love to do in the woods, “chasing a raccoon!” He was found in 1980 when the loggers from the Kraft Corporation was about to cut the oak tree to turn it into logs.

The loggers speculate that this dog died over 20 years ago and it was impressively preserved. He was nicknamed “Stuckie.” When the loggers started to work on the oak tree, they found Stuckie inside. He died while chasing a raccoon into a hollowed oak tree and sadly, he got stuck. He found him not at the bottom, but he was stuck in the middle and almost near the top of the tree!

Brandy Stevenson, the manager of Forest World that people are questioning how Stuckie got stuck. Every time he is being asked, his answer would always be, “Well, he was a hound dog. Maybe he was after a raccoon.”

After a 2002 naming contest, the museum decided that he would still be called “Stuckie.” Everyone in town is agreeing that it is definitely a fitting name for this mummified dog.

The loggers are not able to send Stuckie’s section of the tree to the sawmill and they also lost some money on it. It was not a big deal for them and they even decided to donate it to the tree museum. Stuckie is one of the reasons why people visit Waycross tree museum these days. He is definitely a prime attraction there! It was such a strange incident but is now the leading attraction at Forest World, a very popular tree museum in Georgia.

People are wondering how come Stuckie’s body did not decompose. Many people have different thoughts but the museum finally had a press release explaining and describing how it worked. According to experts, his body did not decay because of an updraft of air that carried the scent of his dead body and it did not invite insects that were supposed to eat him. This is what they called the “chimney effect” and it helped preserve his corpse.

Because of this chimney effect, Stuckie did not smell like a dead animal so it did not attract the insects’ attention and the usual creatures that feed on dead animals’ body. The hollow tree trunk also protected his corpse from the elements. Instead of being exposed to the humidity of the Georgia climate, he stayed in a dry space in the middle part of the tree. The inside of the tree had very little to no moist so Stuckie did not decay. The presence of tannin also helped with the mummification process.

All of these factors worked together to protect the dogs’ body and even 20 years later, it was still intact and perfectly preserved.


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