Little Girl And Family Celebrates Beating Cancer With Memorable Photo Shoot

Little Girl And Family Celebrates Beating Cancer With Memorable Photo Shoot


Nobody likes cancer. In fact, this is one of the most hated illnesses of the past, present, and no doubt, the future. Cancer does not choose its victim. It does not care if you are rich or poor, young or old. Anyone can have this disease at the most unexpected time. In fact, even those who follow a healthy lifestyle can still get the disease.

And for a parent, learning that your child has cancer is heartbreaking. Lula Beth Bowdens’ parents knew exactly how painful this situation was.

Lula and her family live in Vernal, Utah and her parents were devastated when they learned about their daughter’s condition. But they knew that they had to be strong for their daughter because it was only the beginning of her long battle with the disease.

Lula was diagnosed with 2 Wilm’s. This is a very rare type of pediatric kidney cancer that primarily affects children. According to, “About one in every 10,000 children is affected by Wilms’ tumor in the United States. Roughly 500 children are newly diagnosed each year. Although rare, Wilms’ tumor is the most common type of kidney cancer in children, and the fourth most common type of childhood cancer overall.”

Usually, Wilms is diagnosed in children that are around three years old. It is very uncommon for kids to develop this tumor if they are over 6-years-old. Still, it can occur both to older children and adults.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Kristen Bowen said, “We never expected this news to happen to us. It’s always sad, heartbreaking stories of others that you see, until it happens to you.”

Lula had to undergo an invasive surgical procedure to extract the football-sized tumor and her kidney. It took 22 weeks to complete but her struggles did not end there. This 4-year-old brave girl also needs to undergo 13 rounds of chemotherapy treatments too. Her parents patiently waited for the results. Kristin said, “She has not complained once and graciously completed her course.”

And throughout this journey, Kristen made sure to share Lula’s progress on her Instagram page. In her interview later on with GMA she said, “I have tried to document this season in our lives so we could look back on it forever. It’s been a very emotional time for us. We have been so happy and it has taught us to never take life or health for granted.”

On August 7th, Lula celebrated some good news. She is finally going to have her final round of chemotherapy. So she put on a nice, sparkly dress before going to the hospital.

Then on August 28th, three weeks after her last chemotherapy session, Kristin revealed to Lula’s 18,900 Instagram followers that her daughter is finally cancer-free!

And to celebrate this wonderful occasion, Kristin prepared Lula for a beautiful photoshoot. Kristin happens to be a professional photographer and she doesn’t want to miss out on this chance to capture every moment that is worth celebrating.

In one of the photos, Lula can be seen wearing a beautiful orange dress while her background was a lovely field and majestic hills. She was standing while holding this sign:

“It came. We fought. I won.”

And yes she did! This brave girl fought through it until she won this battle with the love, care, and support of her family.


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