Learn Which Prescription Drugs That Can Land You In Jail If You Try To Pack Them In Your Luggage

Learn Which Prescription Drugs That Can Land You In Jail If You Try To Pack Them In Your Luggage


Traveling is not a fun experience for other people. It can be very stressful especially if you are not prepared. This is why you need to have everything you need ahead of time, plan in advance, and always be prepared for delayed flights and all. One of the things that many people are struggling with is to remember to take their medications.

However, it seems like these are not the only things that can cause a problem in your next travel. This is because there are certain medications that might get you in trouble and end you up in a foreign jail!

Painkillers, cough medicine, or sleeping pills might be common medications that we always take anywhere with us, you should think twice about bringing this on your next trip! If you do not want to be calling your lawyer after you landed on your destination, then learn here why you should be cautious with these medications.

If you are traveling to a different country, you always need to know their local laws about drugs. These medications might be legal in the United States, but might be a different story in the country that you are visiting. Possession of these drugs can end you up in a prison and you might have to spend jail time.

Opiate and Analgesics.
If you are used to carrying Codeine or Tramadol in your luggage, you will surely have a problem the moment you land in the United Arab Emirates. These drugs are considered illegal in the UAE. As a result, you will spend time behind bars instead of enjoying your tour of the local tourist destinations around the United Arab Emirates!

Pseudoephedrine-Containing Products And Meds.
Another country that you have to be careful with is Japan. This country has banned an ingredient called pseudoephedrine. This means that you never bring Vicks or Sudafed across the border. Or else, you will have a problem with the Japanese laws, that’s for sure!

Sleeping Pills and Painkillers.
If you have sleeping problems like insomnia, you would not want to visit Singapore with your sleeping pills with you. This is because the country raised their ban on sleeping pills as well as on anti-anxiety medications. They also have very strict rules on painkillers. If you need to bring one, you need to have a license for these medications.

ADHD and Mental Health Medications.
Those who have a prescription for the treatment for ADHD, Indonesia is not the best place for you to visit. They will not only confiscate your medication, but you might also face jail time! There are also plenty of drugs that are used to treat mental health problems that this country has banned.

Of course, there are also countries who did not make these drugs illegal when you bring them across the border, but they have restrictions. China requires you to have a doctor’s note or prescription if you need to bring any medication with you. Qatar also requires a prescription if you need to carry over-the-counter medications such as a cough and cold medicines. This is because these are considered as controlled substances in these countries.

If you are planning for an international trip real soon, it is best that you learn the rules and regulations pertaining to different drug laws of the country that you are visiting. Get the needed prescription and doctors’ note if needed to avoid paying a huge amount of fine, or worse, facing jail time.


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