Lady Posted Vile Threat To All Moms Of Newborn Babies

Lady Posted Vile Threat To All Moms Of Newborn Babies


There will always be issues that we all don’t all agree about in society. But for someone to take their dislike about a subject to an online platform and openly display rage or threaten others about is an unacceptable act one that has now cost a pet store manager in Spartanburg South Carolina her job.

Carly Clark who ironically happens to be a mother too hates it when other women breastfeed their children. While she is entitled to her opinion about the subject matter, she Carly crossed the line when she took to Facebook and threatened to punch any woman and her newborn that she finds breastfeeding in public.

“The next female that tries to whip her boob out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby (because) I’ll punch it too.” Clark had written in a Facebook post. As expected, the post horrified several parents who were enraged by her brazen lack of respect and compassion towards other women.

Soon her scandalous Facebook post made Carly Clark a subject of attacks from various quarters online and when the news began to affect her employer, Petsense store in Gaffney they had no choice than to fire her.

In a bid to placate the angry mothers and prevent further backlash, Petsense issued a statement which read that they do not “condone violence such as was recently posted by a Petsense employee.” The company distanced itself from the manager’s statement and even went ahead to state that Carly Clark has been fired following their investigation into the Facebook post. The store then apologized to everyone who was hurt by their former manager’s comment.

Carly had posted: “I’m not sorry. The next female that tries to whip her boob out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby bc (because) I’ll punch it too.” in order to draw even more attention to her post, she finished it off with a series of hashtags which included “#zerocare,” “#why,” “#inpublicletsjustshowkidsboods,” and “#notime.”

Her post went viral and got a little more attention than she would have ever wished for as it elicited reactions from mothers everywhere who planned to stage a “nurse-in” at the Petsense store to raise awareness about breastfeeding and protest against about the hateful post by the store manager. Petsense’s Facebook page has to be shut down for a while day following the torrent of messages and questions that flooded the page following the incidence with many members of the public continuously expressing their displeasure.

25-year-old Jessi Vogel who is also a mother of two found it unbelievable that another person who also happens to be a mother also could have so much hate towards mom who was simply following the natural order of things and breastfeeding their babies. According to her, Carly Clark’s comment “take (women) a step back.”

Jessi who lives in Nebraska with her family shared a screenshot of the Clarks’ hateful remarks with the trending hashtag #boycottpetsense. She wrote: “’I was angry. I am a nursing mum with my second baby. I already find that breastfeeding is quite hard on my body. To see another woman with kids say that she’s willing to give the woman a black eye for feeding in front of her children – it takes us a step back to have other women saying this. It made me angry because it’s not right for someone to say that at all. I was really shocked.”


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