Kate Middleton Is Just Like Any Other Mom

Kate Middleton Is Just Like Any Other Mom


Moms will always be there to pick us up when we fall, literally. Everyone would agree that they are just great. They are there to be our friend, our confidante, a shoulder to cry on and will have ears to listen to our cry. No matter what problems are you facing, or what pain are you going through, they will be there to pick you up and brighten up your day. That’s how they naturally are.

So even though Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge, she always makes sure that she does her mommy duties. Even though she had her hands full in meeting her royal duties, she is always there to be a mom to her three children. She has proven this to be true for a couple of times while they are in public.

In fact, when she and Prince William, together with their kids during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, she once again showed everyone that no matter how dressed she is for the occasion, she will always be a mom. They were with many royals who went down in carriages before they gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the show of planes.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George were with the Queen’s granddaughter, Savannah Phillips. They were all clapping and giggling. During events, these three are always seen bundled together so it was no surprise to see them once again during this celebration. They were all acting like kids.

The Princess was wearing a dress that matches her moms’ which is an ice-blue gown made by Alexander McQueen. She looked like the Duchess of Cambridge’s mini version that day. Princess Charlotte caught everyone’s attention but not because she was extra cute that day. It was not only her looks that captured everyone’s attention during the ceremony.

While she was peeking over the balustrade to find out what’s going on, the Princess lost her balance and slightly fell backward!

She probably got a little scared which explains the few tears after what happened. Good thing, mom was just behind her. She scooped up the teary princess and wipes her tears. To comfort her daughter, the Duchess also bent down a little to talk to her. But it seems like the little girl can’t calm down, mom took her into her arms.

It didn’t take long for Charlotte to ease up to her mom and everyone was glad that she was able to enjoy the remainder of the celebration. Thanks to her mom who is always there for her kids even though she also has her royal duties to take care of.

In fact, this is not the first time that Kate did not hesitate to comfort her child while in public. If you can remember, last year, Princess Charlotte also tumbled down while touring Hamburg. Everyone thought that Charlotte was going to have a tantrum but thanks to Kate, she was able to distract her little girl and soon enough, she got back to her normal self.

These royal children are just like every normal kid out there. They would fall, cry, and even throw tantrums! But they are expected to be prim and proper, especially when in public. Good thing that these kids have Kate as their mom who knew how to handle them during these times. It simply goes to show that they have a really close relationship with their mom.


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