I’ve Eaten Here Dozens Of Times But Had No Idea What Each Location Had In Common

I’ve Eaten Here Dozens Of Times But Had No Idea What Each Location Had In Common


When dining out, most of us always have a favorite restaurant that we love to keep coming back to. Like most chain restaurants, Cracker Barrel restaurants offer the same food and theme even if you dine at their other branches in different locations. Even though you only get to order the same food every single time you visit, Cracker Barrel has this unique charm which lies in its old-time ambiance. It has this country charm because of its decor. They also have an adjacent store that offers toys, gifts, and other old-fashioned candies.

However, even their regular patrons fail to notice the tiniest details. But if you stop and take a look around at the objects and photos that you see inside the restaurant, you would think that it must be impossible for each of their restaurants to look exactly the same!

That is just so crazy to be possible.

If you have been to a Cracker Barrel Restaurant, then you must have noticed that there are so much stuff on the walls, every decoration looks unique. However, it has been revealed that every location has the same theme and same decorations, even the tiniest ones. Try to compare one from the other and you would swear that they have similarities. No matter which Cracker Barrel Restaurant you visit, they have some definite areas of decor that are absolutely the same. This might not be that crazy to think of, but just a reminder, there are over 600 Cracker Barrel branches!

The first thing that most guests notice is the antique ox yoke and also a horseshoe over the front door of every store. This gives the restaurant its country feel and the horseshoe is a good luck charm especially when it is hung with the points up to make a “U” which means that it can fill up with good luck.

Before you enter each restaurant, you will then find a row of rocking chairs that are lined up outside which makes it a perfect spot to wait for an available table to be ready. Or you can also just unwind here after your delicious meal. These chairs are all handmade in the USA. These chairs are also for sale and they are the chain’s top seller.

Just outside the bathroom, you will find a traffic light. Aside from that, there is also an oversized checkerboard set up on top of a cracker barrel! Certainly, a throwback to the simpler times when restaurants in the past would just set up barrels full of soda crackers and the patrons would stand around munching while having small talk.

The Cracker Barrel website explains that each of their stores has an average of 1,000 decor items. For sure, it must be a huge challenge when they open a new branch in a different location and all of these photos and decor items need to be hung on those walls just to create a replica of the other branches!

These items that you can find in their stores are also available for purchase through their website. When this information was revealed online, many people can’t believe that this is real. One commenter was even surprised about this because they have visited the place multiple times and never noticed its similarities. They knew that there’s a lot going on in those walls but they never expected that they were the same in every store, which is quite impressive, right?


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