The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Baby Born With Snow-White Hair

The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Baby Born With Snow-White Hair


In this day and age, we are no more surprised every time we see something unique on the internet. One of the news that broke the internet is this photo of a newborn baby that has gone instantly viral.

Baby Bence was born at a hospital in Szekesfehervar. He was born weighing almost 12 pounds with a normal height at 21 inches.

When he was born, the hospital staff was shocked to see his for the first time. Just like other babies, Bence had a head full of hair. What made this baby unique is that his hair was not the normal hair color. It was not black, brown, blonde, or red. It is not usual for a baby to be born with a head full of hair but Baby Bence has more to offer than hair. This baby came into this world with a head full of beautiful snow-white hair!

The nurses are calling him “Prince Charming.” Not only because he has snow-white hair, but also because he is just like a baby prince – happy, healthy, and normal with a head full of lovely hair as a bonus.

His parents were very happy to know that he was a healthy baby boy. Other than her snow-white hair, he looks like the other babies. He is a beautiful baby. His white hair is not giving the baby stress and he is also a healthy boy. But because of his hair color, the doctors decided to do blood tests to get answers.

After the results of his blood tests came, the doctors found that he was low in melanin. This is the reason why he has white hair. But can he be considered as an albino? If he is, his skin should also be missing pigment, right? The doctors were baffled. What they understand is that Baby Bence does not have any pigment in his hair.

Some doctors are arguing that his white hair could be due to an illness or just a symptom of prenatal stress. Infants are more prone to stress and anxiety especially if the mom was stressed while she was pregnant. Other complications can also include low birth weight, premature birth, and a higher risk of infection. There are doctors who explained that white hair in babies is also associated with genetics. It can also be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency or sometimes mutant hair cells.

But what is the right diagnosis for Baby Bence white hair?

Well, some doctors did consider that it can be albinism. Symptoms are not showing as of yet, but they are hoping that his hair will get darker when he gets older. To make sure, running more tests would be ideal.

He might not know it yet, but he is now a certified internet sensation. No matter what others think about his hair and what causes it to go white, he is a happy baby. He is healthy and that is all that matters. Every year, millions of babies are born and they are different from each other.

Yes, Baby Bence is also different but his parents understand that they need to pay close attention to Baby Bence. But for now, they are just happy that he came into this world without any complications other than his snowy-white hair.


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