Why It’s Important To Understand How Sleeping With A Fan Is Bad For Your Health

Why It’s Important To Understand How Sleeping With A Fan Is Bad For Your Health


On hot nights, it’s not uncommon for people to try and get respite from the uncomfortable situation and get better sleep by turning up their room’s air conditioning unit. But not everyone has an AC and has to make do with other alternatives. If leaving your windows open is not a viable option, using a fan is the next best alternative to air conditioning that most people opt for. No doubt it does the job of cooling the room just as great, but new findings are now showing that leaving a fan on when u go to sleep might have some negative effects on your health. Here are some of them:

Drying effect: one of the possible consequences of leaving the fan on all night is what is referred to as “drying effect,” For those who have experienced it before you might remember feeling a little parched after waking up in a room with the fan on all night. This is usually the case if you sleep with your mouth open. The blowing effect of the fan might leave you with a mouth or throat dryer than usual. Some people have also complained of ending up with dry eyes and nose as well leaving their nose irritated and their eyes red after waking up in a room with the fan on all night. In some cases, it is possible to experience nosebleeds as a result of inhaling too much dry air. This is especially true for people who suffer from nosebleeds normally; if you are one of them then you should think twice before switching on the fan overnight.

Allergies and Asthma: another category of people who should be careful about using a fan to cool off overnight are people who have allergies or suffering from Asthma. With the fan blowing around all night while you sleep, a lot of substances that can trigger asthma or allergies like dust, dander, pollen or mold might most likely get caught up in the wind and get inhaled. This will eventually lead to bouts of sneezing, itchiness, and difficulty breathing.

Soreness: some people have also reported experiencing muscle soreness as a result of leaving the Fan on all night. Your muscles contact or stiffen at a certain temperature which is another reason you might want to stay away from leaving the fan on all night.

According to The Sleep Advisor website, it is recommended that if you will leave the fan on while you sleep you shouldn’t aim it close your face. Also, you should make use of an air purifier to counter the effect of Allergens that might get caught up and inhaled as the fan blows. Cleaning up your fan regularly in order to eliminate dust is another good practice that will keep you safe when you use it at night.

Not everyone agrees with this assessment though, some diehard fan users are finding it quite hard to believe the findings pointing to their own personal experiences as a testimony to the fact that the Fan is practically harmless. One person wrote:
“I had a fan blowing on me almost every night for the past 20 years, and only time I have a real hard sleeping is without a fan.”

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Here’s what another person had to say: “I am not giving my fan up! It’s good for me. It helps me sleep 365 days out of a year. Without it, I am wide awake and I hate hearing the sounds of the night. I love the sound of the fan blowing.”

Another person simply offered some advice to those who insist on using their fans: “Well, as long as you keep your room and the fan clean, and the rotation set so it’s not directly on you, it shouldn’t be too bad. Use a moisturizer; keep water by your bed.”


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