Husband Sends Roses With Note That Says “I’m Sorry For Cheating” But Wait Until You Hear The Rest

Husband Sends Roses With Note That Says “I’m Sorry For Cheating” But Wait Until You Hear The Rest


If you are in a relationship, you expect to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes our subconscious mind lets us dream of things that we don’t want to happen – our partner cheating on us!

What would you do when you suddenly wake up from and dream about your husband or wife cheating on you?

Surely, your mind would play tricks on you!

When Chris arrived home on a Sunday morning after an exhausting 36-hour shift at a firehouse, his wife was very upset as soon as she saw him walk through the door. Chris was confused but she explained that she had dreamt something so terrible but she is reluctant to share the details with him.

As it turns out, he cheated on her! Not in real life of course, but it all happened in her dreams.

She knew that hubby loves her very much and would never cheat on her in real life but her dream affected her real bad. They went on with their mornings, had breakfast with their 2-year-old daughter and as they were getting ready for church, Chris can sense that his wife is still upset.

After church, Chris took his daughter shopping but he had a plan in mind. He shared with Love What Matters that while they were out, they happened to pass by a flower shop. “I decided to get my wife some roses to brighten up her day. I took them home and wrote a little note on a piece of paper I found in the kitchen.” Chris would always put his wife first and would regularly show how much he loved her. He would make her laugh and smile and also surprise her with flowers even if there is no occasion to celebrate.

He said that he wanted her to feel loved and bring some humor to the situation. His life would love the flowers and would just be able to laugh it all off. “That makes them so much more valuable.” Chris shared that you do not always have to buy expensive things to make your partner feel that you love and care for them. A simple, kind and thoughtful gesture is more meaningful than some grandeous material things. “I always want my wife to feel loved and appreciated every day of the week not just around certain holidays,” he said.

Alongside the flowers, he also placed a note saying:
‘I’m sorry I cheated on you in your dreams. I’m an A**. I would love to say it won’t happen again but it’s out of my control. Haha’

Chris has two sons and he would intentionally show them how husbands should treat their wives. It is important to them and to their future.

“When my sons see how I treat my wife, I hope that when they grow older they will also treat their girlfriends and wives the same as they saw me do while they were growing up. Also, in the same respect, when our daughter grows up she will also see how her mother was treated and hopefully she will not settle for anything less in life.”

Sometimes it takes a little bit effort to make others feel how important they are to us. For Chris, he surely knows how to remind his wife how much he loves her and he definitely knows how to put a smile on her face.


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