Husband Planted 1,000’s Of Trees To Honor His Wife, 17 Years Later His True Intentions Are Revealed In Photo

Husband Planted 1,000’s Of Trees To Honor His Wife, 17 Years Later His True Intentions Are Revealed In Photo


When Janet and Winston Howes met, it was love at first sight! Janet was Winston’s soulmate. The two married in 1962 and there’s no doubt about how deeply they love each other. Their love became an inspiration to their community that even people around them would ask how their marriage remained happy after all these years. After they moved to their Wickwar, Gloucestershire dream home, Janet gave birth to their son.

How Thousands Of Trees Became The Meadow Of Love


Life was perfect for Janet, Winston and their son. But everything collapsed in an instant. For over 30 years, Janet suffered from heart failure and passed away at 50 years old. It was heartbreaking for Winston. Their son had a hard time coping up with the loss of his mom. However, this did not stop Winston from declaring his love for Janet. This is when the idea for the meadow of love started.


Months after losing Janet, Winston started working on a meadow that Janet used to love. He may not be able to bring Janet back into their lives, but he could honor her memory in a way that no one has ever done before. Winston started planting over 6,000 oak trees and hid a secret that would soon be discovered after 17 years.

How The Meadow Of Love Was Discovered By A Hot Air Balloonist


This incredible labor of love was never discovered not until almost 2 decades later. Pilot Andy Collett was on his hot air balloon and flew over Winston’s rural home, enjoying a beautiful afternoon. As he looked down, what he saw revealed what is hidden behind the area that was just supposed to be a lush meadow of trees. He took a couple of pictures of the beautiful view. Although Winston did not intend to make his secret garden to reach the public’s attention, it became viral all over the world.


“I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky,” shared Andy Collett. A perfect heart was hidden away from view and if you are not up in the air, you wouldn’t even know that it’s there! The base of the heart is pointing to Wotton Hill, the town where Janet grew up. The area was also surrounded by a tall hedge and covered by daffodils in the middle that beautifully blooms during springtime.

When Winston was interviewed by the Daily Mail, he said, “I sometimes go down there just to sit and think. It is a lasting tribute to her which will be there for years.” This became his and his son’s secret place where they can visit and remember their precious moments together when Janet was still alive.

A Love Story That Can Last A Lifetime


Janet and Winston’s love story is truly an inspiration for today’s generation. Even though the couple has shared over 3 decades of love, it was still not enough. His love for her will never waver. Like the six thousand oak trees that he has planted in their meadow, their relationship did not only inspire the people who know them but has reached and touched so many hearts all over the world. The memory of his wife and their love for each other will not only last for more decades, but it can last a lifetime.


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