Hotel Housekeeper Opens A Drawer In An Elderly Couple’s Room, Then Let Out A Scream Of Disbelief

Hotel Housekeeper Opens A Drawer In An Elderly Couple’s Room, Then Let Out A Scream Of Disbelief


It is hard to trust strangers with your valuables. We hear Countless Stories of people making away with other people’s goods at the slightest chance. Stories of this sort make you lose your trust in people especially strangers. Little wonder that many people are nervous to leave their valuables lying about in their hotel rooms. Despite the distrust many people display towards housekeepers, one hotel housekeeper has proven that not every single one of them is out to rip you off. There are indeed trustworthy and hardworking people among them.

It all started when an elderly couple decided to move closer to their family so they packed up their things from their home in Ypsilanti, Michigan and headed for Kentucky. Unknown to them however, the couple were in for a truly eventful journey. They had their things in order, a moving van to transport all their stuff to their new home, their packed suitcases and enough cash to pay the movers once the job was done. They also needed the money to pay bills at their new house and any other minor expenses that could come up along the way. It was $11,000 in cash and the couple kept the cash close for easy access and for safety.

It was a smooth ride all through the journey, everything was going according to plan or so it seemed until the couple reached their destination and realised something had gone terribly wrong. They had kept the money in the wife’s purse together with other valuables like credit cards and their IDs but to their despair the purse was gone and they had no idea where it could be or how to go about looking for it. It was really an unfortunate situation they found themselves in.

Unknown to them, their missing purse was lying in the bottom drawer of a drawer at Ann Arbor Regent Hotel, the hotel they had stayed in during their trip waiting for anyone to find it and pick it up. The couple were lost as to what to do. Since they didn’t even know where exactly they had misplaced the purse, it was hard to trace it anywhere.

However, luckily for them someone had discovered the missing purse and was already making plans to return it to them. Brigid Murray was their knight in shining armour. She had found the money while cleaning their hotel room after they had left and Brigid did not hesitate to do the right thing.

For a housekeeper, she wasn’t earning too much, just enough to sustain her family and claiming the $11,000 for herself would have done her a whole lot of good and she knew it. But she was too honest to do that. The fact that Brigid knew that no one would have discovered it even if she decided to keep the cash all to herself made the offer even more enticing. It was free cash waiting to be picked up by anyone willing to do so. But Brigid’s pure heart was what saved the couple from a horrible financial situation.

It would have been a terrible welcome to Kentucky for them but Brigid’s honesty saved them from trouble. Watch the video to see how she succeeded in getting the money across to the couples and save them from embarrassment.

In the end this honest housekeeper proved to us all that there is still some good left in this world and all hope isn’t lost yet.


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