Hospital Kicks Out 800 Pound Patient

Hospital Kicks Out 800 Pound Patient


Our health is very important which is why maintaining our body weight is essential. However, eating can be an addiction and this is more than just a hard habit to break. There are institutions who are supposed to help these people but sometimes, those whom you expect to lend you a helping hand can be heartless people who just want patients to be out of there as fast as possible, as long as they make enough money. Unfair, but this happens in the real world.

One man from Rhode Island learned how heartless the healthcare system be with what he experienced in 2015. He is Steven Assanti, weighing 778 pounds and he was at the hospital because of some serious health problems. During his interview with CBS, he said, “In ordIt’s an addiction, and I realize that. And it’s a disease.” In order to get better, he first needs to learn important eating habits. This is important so he can start losing the weight that was taking over his body,

So Steven decided to check in to the hospital to get his goal started. He has to lose 550 pounds so he decided to have gastric bypass surgery so he can start on his weight loss journey. He knows that this is a risky procedure and he has to follow strict rules.

While he was staying at the hospital for the entire three months, Steven successfully lost twenty pounds which is 2.5% of his body weight. He thought that he is on the right path and because of this accomplishment, he wanted to reward himself behind the doctors’ back. However, this move will change his life forever.

He ordered a pizza!

Yes, that fat-filled ‘cheat meal’ that every pizza lover loves. He placed the delivery order from one of the local pizza shops and excitedly waited for it in his hospital room. He knew that if the doctors knew, they would be livid! So he had to make sure that this remains a secret because pizza is one of the top restrictions in his very strict diet plan.

Steven thought that he was able to get out of this but little did he know that the hospital learned about it. They knew that Steven ordered pizza. What they did next was totally unexpected. Instead of just reprimanding him, the hospital kicked him out!

To his defense, Steven blamed the hospital securities for allowing the pizza delivery man to the building. After what happened, Steven’s father fears that the hospital’s harsh and sudden decision would be Steven’s death sentence. His son is struggling with obesity.

What happened to him did not stop him from trying. He, later on, joined the show called “My 600-lb Life.” He became one of the most controversial stars of this program because he would have temper tantrums and would secretly order pizzas. He also abused painkiller medications and made a name for himself on YouTube through his rants which earned him a notorious status online.

Fortunately, with the help of the show, Steven was able to lose some weight but he admits that what he went through was not easy. Two weeks after Valentine’s Day in 2018, Steven boasts of having a girlfriend! Everyone was happy that Steven is now making progress and to make things better, he turned from a being kicked out of the hospital to getting better and being in love!


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