Homeless Teens Aging Out Of Foster Care Are Moving Into Tiny Homes, Learning Basic Life Skills

Homeless Teens Aging Out Of Foster Care Are Moving Into Tiny Homes, Learning Basic Life Skills


When teenagers grow out of foster care, are they ready to survive the real world on their own? Do you think they have a place to stay? Or are they going to add to the number of homeless people in the streets? Unfortunately, we do not really have the answers to these questions.

Even Pivot Inc. are looking for ways to find a resolution to this problem. Good thing, they decided to do something about it and hoped that they would be able to extend help to these homeless orphans. So Pivot Inc. built the Tiny Community and they target teens aging from 16 to 19. The organizations’ ultimate mission is to build a beautiful community that would include 84 homes within their campus.

They built tiny homes right behind their offices in Oklahoma. These tiny homes were specifically so these teenagers can easily visit them if they need someone to talk to or will need other services that the organization can offer. The organization stated: “…the tiny home movement is a viable solution to give a home to these young people who are desperately in need of a place to live.”

But it’s more than just a space with four corners and a roof. Each of these homes will offer a complete package that a person would need. It comes with a bed, a small kitchen, and a bathroom.

The organization also stated that they know the importance of having a home and living independently. “Living independently is one of the most empowering influencers to successfully transition youth into healthy, productive adults. When housing and basic needs are met, stress is reduced and youth have space to develop the necessary skills for longer-term success. By continuing to foster trusting, therapeutic relationships throughout their transition, these young people begin to recognize opportunities for positive change.”

One of the teens who first moved into the tiny homes is 19-year-old Carter. This teens’ father is currently serving his time behind bars while his mother has already passed away when he was only 10-years-old. And now that he has aged out of the foster care system, he will become homeless. He’s got nowhere to go to, and the tiny homes offered by this organization would be a huge help. He said, “Having a bed’s gonna be different. I sleep on a couch right now, so I’ve a lot of back problems from it.”

Carter added that ever since he was out of the foster care system, he has been to a homeless shelter and tried couch surfing for a bit. And lately, he has also been staying with his sister’s adoptive family. But aside from Carter, there are hundreds of other homeless teenagers out there who are struggling to bridge their life from childhood to adulthood. And just like other people, one of the most important things they need is a safe place to stay.

The volunteers helped to put up and furnish the homes that would serve as the first step towards independence for these young adults. And hopefully, to also give them a brighter future. Pivot Inc. is not only giving these teens a home, but they are also giving them hope.


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