Homeless Opera Singer Gets Second Chance After Video Goes Viral

Homeless Opera Singer Gets Second Chance After Video Goes Viral


Emily Zamourka became an instant online celebrity after a video of her singing ‘Puccini’ in the LA subway station went viral. Recently, she was on stage performing in front of an audience for the very first time!

As Emily Zamourka took the stage during the unveiling of Little Italy sign in San Pedro last October 5. The crowd cheered for her, wanting to hear her beautiful voice again. Before her performance, she told the audience that she did not have much time to practice. Emily explained, “I didn’t have much time to practice. So I’m just gonna sing the same song I sang on the subway…That ok with you?”

So she sang the very popular aria ‘O mio babbino caro.’

Emily has been homeless for the last two years in Los Angeles. But this didn’t stop her from performing that day. She also received support from thousands of fans who came to the event for her. For sure, these fans saw her viral video that was posted by an LAPD officer while she sang at the Metro Purple Line station in Koreatown.

Emily emigrated from Moldova to Los Angeles three years ago. She became homeless after a man stole her $10,000-worth violin while she was playing on the streets for money. The bystanders ran after the thief but he threw the violin on the ground and destroyed it. Since her instrument was gone, she could not afford to pay her bills anymore and later on was evicted from her apartment.

After her performance, she thanked everyone for listening to her sing. She also spoke about the homelessness crisis in California. She said, “I’m so glad I could touch your hearts with my voice. thank you so much for all this that’s happening right now, I really thank you, I’m so overwhelmed.”

For her post-performance interview with NBC, she said, “I’m not a professional singer, but I’m very critical to how I’m going to sound or how I’m going to perform. It has to be delivered right. It’s not easy, so that’s why today I will apologize in front of everybody because they probably thought I’m going to bring a [bigger] repertoire or something. It’s going to be the same song that they know me [for] from the subway.”

Her epic video opened more doors for Emily. She was offered this gig by the LA City Councilman, Joe Buscaino. Technically, this was her first job since her video went viral. Now, the office of the City Councilman stated that they are already trying to find her housing.

The blessings didn’t end here though.

Just last week, Joel Diamond, a Grammy-nominated producer, said that he wanted to sign her for a classical-EDM crossover album he called, “Paradise.” He is the CEO and president of Silver Blue Records and he was the one who helped launch the career of Baywatch’s David Hasselhoff. During his interview with Good Morning America, he mentioned that he already wrote a demo for Emily even though he didn’t know her personally. He added, “I’ve never done that my entire life. It’s crazy.”

Diamond also said that he has two tracks ready to go that he was just holding on to since he didn’t have an artist that he thought would be a perfect fit, until Emily.


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