Homeless Man Goes Ignored For 60 Years Until A Cop Confronts Him And Learns His True Identity

Homeless Man Goes Ignored For 60 Years Until A Cop Confronts Him And Learns His True Identity


In almost every city in the world, you will find homeless people. It is a common problem in every urban center in developing as well as developed countries of the world. Even top countries like the united states are not immune from this scourge.

No country in the world has ever been able to get rid of all the homeless people on its street. They keep on turning up due to various reason from unemployment to poverty, domestic violence and a long list of others. Different schemes and plans are put in place to help them but try as it may, the government cannot cater for all.

For any of them to survive in this dire situation, their saving grace is people that are better off around them who think it worthwhile to help out in different ways. Some give food and clothes to these people but sadly so many others simply ignore them and go about their business. As a result, many Homeless persons like Mick Myers might live all their lives on the streets and may even die there unless help comes.

Mick has been living the streets of California for several years. He had nothing to live on. The 67-year-old would stand alone on the highway asking for cash. His only known relative was his adopted mother. He has never been married and has no children of his own. Mick had many troubles and the only time he is ever able to forget about them is when he is playing music. He would play outside the play station and hoped someone would take notice and drop a little cash for him.

Begging for money is illegal in California and the Alameda County Deputy Jacob Swalwell has warned Mick several times about the act. But Mick persisted since that was the only way he could survive as long as he was on the streets. Swalwell decided to tackle the matter from the root and get to know more about the Homeless man’s true circumstances and see if he could help make his situation better.

It wasn’t until Jacob Swalwell got close to Mick that he realized the severity of the situation. The homeless man had no Identification cards, no social security and had no one that was willing to take him in or help him out in any form. The good officer knew the man needed help and decided to be the one to render that help. Probably he would be able to help him get his life back on track. He was willing and determined to see that happen. By helping this old homeless man, he would be helping to keep him off the streets. More importantly, he would be helping to restore hope to his otherwise hopeless situation and make him happy.

Jacob not only got Mick all his necessary ID card but was also able to secure him Medicaid and social security benefits. But the kind man was far from done. He did something that was even more important to Mick. He decided to help the lonely man find his long-lost birth family and reunite him with them. So he got a private investigator who set to work to unravel the mystery behind Mick’s identity, watch the video below to find out more about their astonishing discovery.


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