Homeless Man Asks Cashier What He Can Get For $.50, Worker’s Response Quickly Goes Viral

Homeless Man Asks Cashier What He Can Get For $.50, Worker’s Response Quickly Goes Viral


Parents would always ask themselves this question:

‘Is my teenager doing the right thing even if I’m not watching him?’

Mom and dad never forget to remind their kids to do what’s right and to always lend a helping hand even if the person never asks for help. As parents, we usually think that they are not taking our advice seriously. Little did we know that they do listen!

One of them is Matthew Resendez.

Even when he was just a little boy, he was taught by his mother, Michelle, to always know how to differentiate right from wrong. This young boy learned how to show others respect and be kind to others, especially to the less fortunate ones. Michelle’s efforts paid off!

One day Matthew came face to face with a homeless man while he is at work at a local Burger King store. He was in the middle of his shift when the man stopped by and showed Matthew a handful of coins. The homeless man was looking for food. So he asked Matthew what he can get for $0.50 and if there’s something from the menu that he can buy.

Some people would think of turning him away, but instead of doing that, Matthew did something so amazing that will surely make his mom Michelle proud. The man got something to eat and he walked out of the restaurant with food in his hands.

When Matthew got home from work that day, he told his mother what happened at work that day. As expected, Michelle can’t help but be proud of her son. As every proud parent would, Michelle shared her sons’ story online.

She wrote: “Proud mom moment!”

Michelle shared her son’s story, saying that he felt that he had to do something to help when the man asked him for anything that would help his hunger pain. Michelle explained that Matthew rung him up for a hearty meal and instead of making the man pay, he used his own debit card to pay for his meal. Then the teen asked him to just relax and to take a seat while he is preparing his order.

Matthew did not know, that day, a stranger was watching his every move.

A woman witnessed how Matthew did this random act of kindness. She decided to write the company a letter to let them know about how caring Matthew was with their customers. Aside from that, she also rewarded him with a very generous tip!

“So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing that I’ve played a part in raising this big-hearted young man.”

In just one day, two-act of kindness happened. Matthew knew that what he did was right and he was not expecting anything in return. Michelle’s post was read by millions of people and it was liked by over 162,000 online users! We always love to hear stories like this and how others help to make a difference in this world. We are just glad that there are still people in the world with a big heart, just like Matthew.

We see plenty of homeless people every day, but what do we do to help?


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