He’s Excited To Meet New Grand Child Only To Find Out Moments Later His Daughter Lied To Him

He’s Excited To Meet New Grand Child Only To Find Out Moments Later His Daughter Lied To Him


Newborns are generally anticipated, and their birth is awaited eagerly by close family members. It is, however, usual for siblings, parents and even grandparents to hope for one gender over the other. This was the case for Landry James. The grandpa had been born in a family of two sisters, had been a dad to four daughters and even had two granddaughters. He wanted nothing more than a boy in the family, and even though he could not air his thoughts, everyone knew it. The man longed for a boy to go fishing with, do yard work with and everything else that men do with boys. Little did grandpa Landry know that he was about to be granted his wish.

When Landry’s daughter got pregnant, he was thrilled. He was going to have another grandchild! Everyone in the family was excited, and the birth of the baby was anticipated eagerly. The man couldn’t help but wish for a grandson.

When Landry’s daughter found out that she was expecting a son, she knew that her dad would be delighted. There would finally be another male in the family, one that would take after her dad’s character. The woman, therefore, decided to keep it a secret so that she would surprise her father at the right time. Everyone else, however, knew that it was a boy, but they were sworn to secrecy. This would have to be kept as a secret, and even the other grandkids knew this.

Landry, on his part, was anxious to know the gender. He kept asking her daughter whether it was a boy or girl but she wouldn’t tell him. The man did not give up, and when he became very persistent, she told him that she was expecting another girl. This answer was accepted without question, and even though he was a little disappointed, he started preparing to welcome his new granddaughter.

When the delivery day came around, everybody gathered to go and meet the latest addition. This was a special day for the family, not just because the baby was born then, but also because grandpa Landry had been born on the same day too! This was a gift for his birthday. When the family was allowed to see the new mom, they all poured into the hospital room with their congratulations in order, all eager to see the little one.

Grandpa Landry was especially thrilled and wouldn’t leave her bedside. He dotted over the little one as the rest of the family watched happily. Who could blame the old man for being so happy about his new grandchild?

As he continued admiring the baby’s tiny hands, her daughter let the cat out of the bag. It was a boy! None of the people present, even the little ones, are likely to forget the look on the old boy’s face. He was overjoyed. He just couldn’t believe it! He finally had a grandson. He turned to look at the rest of the family in delight, then back at the baby, unable to believe it. The family laughed at his reaction, and some even shook his hands. This was the best birthday gift he had had for a long while. He was probably already planning out the things he was going to do with his grandson. At that moment, nothing could have made him happier.


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