Here’s The Important Reason A Cop Touches Your Tail Light After Pulling Someone Over

Here’s The Important Reason A Cop Touches Your Tail Light After Pulling Someone Over


Now, we know one of the long-standing secrets of the police department.

Well, it’s actually possible for you to have never noticed this (or maybe you’re just so much of a do-gooder that you’ve never been pulled over for excessive speeding or any one of a million things that you could do wrong on the highway. If that is true, well congratulations and bravo) but if you’re one of the people who have actually taken notice of it, you have most probably wondered at some point or the other why a police officer who pulls you over and is on his way to engage you in a chat through the window of the driver’s side of your car usually makes his presence felt by tapping on your tail light.

Well, my first thought was actually that this was their way of checking if there is any kidnap victim hiding in your trunk. However, it turns out that this is actually not why. It is also not because they want to cause you even more anger before they speak to you and hand out some paperwork that will see you reaching into your bank account and pulling out some cash.

As a matter of fact, policemen have been known to do this for quite a number of reasons and as soon as you are able to learn all about them, you will actually see that they all make a whole lot of sense.

However, while we’re on the subject, it is important for you to note that it is not every police department that is known to practice this method of alertness. There are actually some departments that opt to make use of cameras or any other form of technology as opposed to manually tapping your tail light.

The first reason why an officer might tap your tail light while approaching the driver’s side window to have a chat is to startle the driver a little bit. The rationale behind this reason is that if you are looking to quickly stash away any contraband product or you are looking to reach somewhere to bring out a weapon, the tap will give you a reason to stop. This momentary pause will give the officer enough time to get around to the driver’s side window and see what you really are up to.

Also, if the cop makes the tap and notices that you begin to act all jumpy and on edge, then they get a pretty good idea that they should be alert as you could be dangerous.

Back in the day, before dash cams were invented to help police officers, the tapping of your tail light as actually the way police officers said “I was actually here” in the vent that something happens to them after they stop you on the highway. Just in case any issue unfolds, they would have touched the car, and this means that their fingerprints would have been on it as well.

Even though the advent of advanced technologies like the dash cam- which make it possible for police officers to record the routine stops that they make- have completely rendered this form of reasoning obsolete, there are still a lot of cops out there who lived in the era when it was relevant and who have found it difficult to break the habit.
So there you go. We just solved another mystery for you. No need to thank us.


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