Here’s The Common Pantry Item That Keeps Spiders Out Of Your Home

Here’s The Common Pantry Item That Keeps Spiders Out Of Your Home


Summertime doesn’t only mean beach and suntans. This also means that the rats, bugs, spiders, and rodents are out! They are everywhere and they will try to find a place where they can hide in your home before the cold months start to hit. They can invade your house without you knowing. We all know that they can bring bacteria and viruses that we do not want to deal with. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your home, you should know how to keep these pests away!

Tea Bag Method
Why spend hundreds of dollars on chemical repellents and exterminators when you can keep the rats and spiders away using the materials that you already have at home? A method that has been tested and proven to be effective: TEA BAGS! Here are the simple steps on how to make sure that your home is pest-free before the winter months.

Using a peppermint tea bag, make a cup of hot tea and make sure that bag is completely soaked.
Pull the tea bag out and place it in the corners of your house where you think pests would try to inhabit.
If there are any holes in your house that a rat or spider might enter, this is where you can put the tea bags as well.
More than one cup of peppermint tea might be needed if you have multiple areas in your house that pests might visit.
Place the tea bags in these areas and expect your home to be free from pests after a few days.

Tea Bag Method: Is It Effective?
This is not a very common household hack so it is not a surprise when many people would question its efficacy. Maybe you are wondering how a tea bag can prevent rats and spiders from invading your home. Pests are repulsive to peppermint scents. When they smell the tea bags that you have placed, they will find another place to inhabit because they simply cannot stand the smell.

The tea bag method is very helpful especially during the summer months when spiders and rats infest our homes. This method can also be used during the fall and wintertime as an extra precaution to keep those pests away. Using your tea bag and hot water, and you can save time, money and effort. In addition to the peppermint tea bags, always make sure that your home is clean. Throw away trash and keep your garbage cans neat and covered. The smell of garbage attracts rats, hoping that they would be able to find food and shelter inside your home.

Many people have tried this method. They were doubtful at first but as soon as they tried the tea bag method, they were shocked to see the results! Some people may think that this is a crazy idea but this has been circulating online and more and more people are giving this a try. It is not only a cheap trick but also a very effective one! With the use of the tea bags, there’s no more need to purchase expensive pesticides or end up cleaning a dead rat off your floor!

No need to kill them, just keep them away and the tea bags are easy and cost-effective trick to keep your house pest-free all year round! So what are you waiting for? Start making tea and keep those pests away!


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