Here’s What Starts Happening To Your Body After Just One Serving Of Diet Soda

Here’s What Starts Happening To Your Body After Just One Serving Of Diet Soda


Much as many people opt for diet drinks to reduce their intake of calories, they are not any different from the ordinary ones when it comes to the type of artificial sweeteners used in them. Scientists recently conducted studies that show just how harmful such chemicals can be to the human body. They have produced a list of six of these sweeteners that are contained in almost every drink, whether diet or not, and you will want to rethink your soft drink preferences when you see the effects that they have on your body.

The chances that you or someone you know has consumed this additive in the last twenty-four hours is almost a hundred percent. It is usually contained in foods such as candy, yogurt, gum, and almost everything labeled ‘sugar-free’ or ‘reduced calorie.’

While aspartame may contain the same amount of calories per gram as sugar, it is two hundred times as sweet. It has therefore been propagated as an aid in weight reduction.
On the contrary, research shows that a regular intake of this additive will lead to weight gain. Other crucial health complications that have been linked to the use of aspartame include worsening of diabetes and Alzheimer’s, triggering of headaches and even being one of the cancer-causing agents.

Sucralose is another food sweetener that is usually used as a substitute for aspartame. It has been linked with many health concerns such as:
Gastro internal complications
Rapid increase in the amount of sugar in the blood
Trigger for migraines
Weight gain due to frequent intake
Violent allergic reactions
Blurred vision
It has also highly carcinogenic, especially when heated or used when cooking.

Saccharine is also one of the bestselling food sweeteners. Unlike sucralose, however, it has a bitter aftertaste. It is used in toothpaste, drinks and even medicines.
Scientists and researchers suspect that it could have some carcinogenic properties. It also stimulates some endocrinological responses that could increase anyone’s risk of developing diabetes. Just like the previous sweeteners, saccharine is also a culprit for weight gain and may trigger violent allergic reactions in people intolerant to sulfonamides.

This is a modification of aspartame and causes similar side effects. Additional concerns include:
Abdominal discomfort that would probably be described as a typical stomachache.
Random changes in the bowel movement
Palpitations of the heart that may feel like really fast heartbeats
Excessive thirst
Weight gain

This is another modification of aspartame and causes side effects similar to those of the original sweetener. It is twenty thousand times sweeter than sugar. It can lead to extreme reactions (seizures, damage to the brain and even death) in people with certain conditions such as phenylketonuria.
Acesulfame potassium-k

The main threat that this particular sweetener poses to the body is the development of cancer cells. It can also cause headaches and migraines, depression, nausea, kidney and liver complications as well as problems with the vision.

Conclusively, it is advisable to know yourself well and what you can handle, and the stay out of the way of avoidable additives. It will save you a lot of unnecessary pain. Try to live a healthy life in all ways possible.


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