Here’s What Happens To Your Body After Just One Night Of Sleep With Lemons Placed On Your Nightstand

Here’s What Happens To Your Body After Just One Night Of Sleep With Lemons Placed On Your Nightstand


Lemon is one of the most popular citrus fruit all over the world because of its amazing health benefits. The lemon is high in vitamin C, fiber and different plant compounds that are good for our body. These nutrients are in charge of the health benefits that we can get out of lemons. Lemons may support the heart, it has a great impact on weight control, and also with stomach related issues and guess what, that’s the only the tip of the iceberg! Let us go ahead and learn why putting a lemon on your nightstand is good for you and your body.

Insect Repellant
Lemons have an impressive amount of a compound called citronellal, which gives it its lemony smell and flavor that bugs find so offensive. This is why when you have it next to your bed will guarantee no flies or mosquitoes will buzz around your ears throughout the night that can keep you awake. Make a couple of cuts in a lemon and place it on the nightstand, and watch it work it’s magic! Make sure that you replace the lemon when it begins to dry out.

Breathe Better With Lemons
Lemons are brimming with antioxidants and they can help you to breathe better. Breathing in the aroma of the lemons when you have a stuffy nose will help clear your airways and help you rest easy.

Improve Air Quality
Your house may smell “okay” but the scent of lemons can improve its air quality. This is also the perfect remedy if you want to get rid of very strong scents. It is proven to be effective in getting rid of paint fumes! When you have better air quality, you can also sleep better.

Stress Relief
Lemons are like aromatherapy. Its scent is always associated with cleanliness. What the aromatherapists do is use the tie-in with cleanliness in order to help remove any feelings of imperfection and impurities while helping to build up their client’s confidence. Have a lemon in your nightstand and let your brain and emotion relax to its citrusy smell.

Boost Up Your Energy!
Want to wake up better in the morning? Then have a slice of lemon on your bedside. Getting up early in the day can be greatly challenging but the smell of lemons can help increase your brain’s serotonin levels, making you more ready and eager to get up early in the day.

Tonic For The Heart
Lemons have very strong antidepressant properties which are why it is very effective in boosting positive moods and also balances our emotions. This can also help us have a better blood pressure and protects us against heart palpitations, tachycardia, and also heart attacks.

Increase Your Concentration Levels
Some people think that this is not very important when you are about to go to bed but in reality, this might just be the one that you need to have a better sleep quality. On the off chance that your mind is full of unnecessary thoughts of the day right before you nod off, concentration is what you will need. Fortunately, the fragrance of lemons can offer this to you. Its aroma has healing properties that can boost your mind to concentrate whenever you inhale it in, making you relax and focus on getting a decent night’s rest.

Our body needs all the help that it can get in the most natural way possible. Who says lemon is just good for making lemonade? Now digest the benefits listed above and make sure that have slices of lemon on your bedside table tonight!


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