Health Ledger’s Daughter Is All Grown Up, Looks So Much Like Her Dad(photos)

Health Ledger’s Daughter Is All Grown Up, Looks So Much Like Her Dad(photos)


The Entire World Is Ready To Meet Heath Ledger’s Daughter!

A daughter will always be his father’s princess. Most of the time, daughters will look like their father, and sometimes they will even have the same traits and quirks! This is true for actor Heath Ledger. A decade after he passed away, the world is now ready to meet his all-grown-up daughter who looks exactly like him! Will she follow his dad’s career choice? Many are wondering because not only that she has a very talented actress mother, this little girl is now a tween who blossomed to be a striker female version of her late dad.

Heath Ledger was one of the most successful Australian actors and directors of all time. He performed different roles in Australian television and film since the 90s. In 1998, he decided to leave for the United States to further develop his career and he surely did. His career skyrocketed when The Dark Knight was released and he had been cast in one of the most iconic roles, “The Joker.” His performance was unforgettable which earned him the Best Supporting Oscar of the year.

The world was shocked about his death on January 22, 2008, at only 28 years old. What was most heartbreaking about his death was the fact that he left behind his 2-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose. He and Brokeback Mountain co-star Michelle Williams became the lucky parents of this beautiful girl when they became an item during the filming of the said film. Even though they already broke up before he passed away, sources revealed that the two remained committed to raising their kid together.

Heath Ledger And His Illegal Substance Abuse

Before he and Williams broke up, many people are not aware but for his fans, and those who have been following his career, they knew that Heath Ledger was going through something serious in his life. There were rumors about his drug use, hinting that the star might have problems but this was only proven to be true when he passed away.

After his death, a toxicity report was done and the results of his autopsy show that it was confirmed that Heath Ledger suffered from substance abuse. It was determined that the actor died due to an accidental drug overdose which sadly leads to cardiac arrest. The coroner was able to find six different kinds of medications in his system which included prescription-grade sleeping pills, painkillers, and also antidepressants.

Matilda Rose is now 12 years old and many agree that she looks so much like her late father. Heath’s sister, Katie, was interviewed for the documentary entitled, ‘I Am Heath Ledger,’ and she shared that her niece is a ‘dead-ringer’ for her dad when it comes to looks and personality. She said, “When Heath was around, she looked so much like him, we used to say ‘it’s Heath in pigtails.’ Now everything she does, the way she rides a skateboard, reminds me of Heath.”

According to Katie, Matilda got her dad’s energy, remembering how Heath never slept from when he was two and Matilda was also like that. Despite the absence of her dad, many are hoping that Matilda Rose will be able to to find peace from his death. What’s sure is that Matilda has a very supportive and talented mother by her side who would be able to guide her as she grows older.


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