Harrison Ford Breaks Silence After 22-Years Of Marriage, Confesses What Everyones Suspected

Harrison Ford Breaks Silence After 22-Years Of Marriage, Confesses What Everyones Suspected


Having it all is one thing many people strive at achieving but very few people or no ever get. The problem is even more prominent when it comes to celebrities; making it in the limelight and personal life.

Harrison is one of the few stars who have devoted their lives to creating happy and prosperous families. Ford and TV star Flockhart are considered the most devoted couple in Hollywood despite their big range in age. The two celebrated their 78th-anniversary last month.

The Hollywood actor, even in his old age, still has the charms he had possessed as a youth when he began his career. His romance history, just like most celebrities, has had a lot of drama, from two failed marriages to a steamy affair with Carrie Fisher, a co-star.

However, he did not give up on love and in his quest; he met the TV star, Calista Flockhart. No one is sure of what happened, but rumors went around that the TV star was so eager to interact with Ford, she spilled a drink on him. Flockhart has never accepted this, and she explained that the drink spilling was in the middle of a conversation they had already started and that it was not her but Ford who accidentally poured the wine on himself.

When the two started their affair, Ford was still in his second marriage. They, therefore, decided to keep it a secret. Ford was tired of hiding his love, and he openly confessed it to Hello Magazine in 2003.

After making their affair public, the two moved in together. It was not long before Ford asked Flockhart for her hand in marriage, and this he did in 2009 at a romantic getaway, and the TV star happily said yes.

Their wedding followed immediately, and they kept low and casual. The couple started a family which had already begun because a year before their romantic meeting, Flockhart had adopted a baby boy who she named Liam. Ford confesses that this is one of the many reasons he fell in love with her. The fact that she adopted a baby as a single mother and devoted her time in caring for him made Ford so proud of his beloved.

The boy brought back the sweet memories of parenthood to the Hollywood star, and they bonded as father and son. He talks enthusiastically of how the three of them spend their weekends together riding a motorcycle and going for hikes.

“I just made a birdhouse with my son,” he shared.

The devotion seems to be from both sides. Ford recounts of how his wife had taken care of him when he had been in the hospital after the crashing of the Amateur pilot’s 2015. He suffered severe injuries of a broken back, a head wound and shattered pelvis and ankle.

Many sources have narrated that Flockhart hardly left her husband’s bedside. She came in very early in the morning to be with him and went home late at night.
It seems the two understand each other as Ford says that his life understands what aviation means to him and shares the passion with him. Flockhart also says that she likes Ford’s sense of humor and that the two of them laugh a lot.

Their age difference does not matter to them, and Ford says that one can experience love at any stage of life and whoever he feels attracted to, no matter their age.


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