This Is What Happens To Your Body One Day After Eating Two Eggs For Breakfast

This Is What Happens To Your Body One Day After Eating Two Eggs For Breakfast


Good news to egg lovers – these are not that bad after all!

Having an egg or two for breakfast is definitely pleasant news to hear for those who love this in their breakfast plate. This is because we all know that there was a time that eggs got a bad rap. They were considered ‘unhealthy’ and those who watch their weight or have health issues stopped eating them because it is believed to be ‘high in cholesterol.’ Its bad reputation changed through the years and now, many always have them for breakfast.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein. This is the reason why more and more people add them to their menu. Eggs are also perfect snacks alternative especially to those who are on a diet and want to lose weight. These are only some of the benefits that you can get from eating eggs. Eggs may be small but they are surely packed with all of the things that are good for your body. It has already been proven that they are no longer feared when it comes to a person’s cholesterol.

Here are four specific areas where eating eggs can be very helpful: Fertility, Vision, Weight Loss, and Cognitive Functions.

To those who want to conceive, you must take note that eating eggs can greatly affect your fertility because of the proteins, choline, and omega fats in it. Aside from that, eggs also contain progesterone, the hormone that women need for healthy ovulation.

Our eyes need to be taken cared of at all cost and eggs might just be the answer to that. They contain Vitamin B2 to prevent cataracts, Vitamin A, lutein, and also zeaxanthin that can promote healthy eyes. This can also reduce the risks of macular degeneration.

Weight Loss.
Our weight is very important to regulate and if you are looking to lose some pounds, then you might have seen plenty of diet and meal plans that contain eggs as one of the important ingredients. According to experts, eating one or two eggs can leave you feeling satisfied because of its protein content. Pair this with vegetables and it can keep your calories low and will help you prevent yourself from snacking unhealthily.

Cognitive Functions.
Eggs are proven to help improve our cognitive functions because it contains phospholipids and fats that can help combat memory loss and Alzheimers Disease.

Here’s what happens when you eat two eggs a day!

Choline. Very important for liver function. Choline also assists with brain development in fetuses and children and prevent neurological defects in babies.
Minerals. Eggs are rich in iron, calcium, and zinc that are needed to have healthy bones, blood, and an improved immune system.
Omega-3s. These are needed if you want to have healthy cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure and also give your body the ability to fight inflammation. Omega 3s can also help with your brain health and immunity.
Protein. A single egg contains 6 to 7 grams of protein which is good for metabolism, tissues, muscle building, and for your hair.
Vitamins. Egg yolks are very high in Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin D, and also Vitamin E which are essential in fighting diseases and give skin a radiant glow.

From now on, you can have eggs every day! Still, it is important that you remember to incorporate this with vegetables and fruits and maintain a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of the benefits of eggs.


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