Guests Spots Circle Of Bubbles Appear In Lake, Followed By Rare Even In Nature (video)

Guests Spots Circle Of Bubbles Appear In Lake, Followed By Rare Even In Nature (video)


Going on a vacation is one of the things that we can do to relax, clear our minds, and bond with our loved ones. When you are on a holiday, you expect to see something beautiful that the place that you visited has to offer. When you take the chance to visit the beautiful Canadian forest, you know that Mother Nature has something special for you to see. There are so many things for you to witness when it comes to wildlife especially if you stay at the Great Bear Lodge located in British Columbia, Canada.

A video was posted online about one of the greatest attractions that make people come back to the Great Bear Lodge. It was a moment that never happened before and it occurred at the most unexpected time. The Great Bear Lodge is surrounded by a bay that leads to the Pacific Ocean. The view is beautiful, calm, and very inspiring if you look across the clear waters. As the video shows, people gather by the deck as bubbles begin to form in the water.

Everyone was so excited to see what lies beneath the bubbles. They know that something big is swimming underneath but they can’t figure it out yet. As they were waiting for the creature to emerge, some have their cameras on hand while others are excitedly looking on.

Suddenly, a pair of humpback whales break the surface and spray water from their blowholes!

The sight was pure grace and beauty. As they move through the water, it was absolutely amazing to watch. Two viewers can’t help but high five in joy by the majesty of what they have just witnessed. According to the Great Bear Lodge, these whales were bubble net feeding.

Bubble net feeding is a learned behavior that the humpback whales do when they are in groups. Not every population of the humpbacks know how to bubble net feed. They have to learn this method in order for them to feed successfully. Their group size can range from a minimum of two or three, and up to sixty at a time. They are putting the bubble nets in the surface of the water in order for them to feed on a school of fish like the herring, krill, or salmon.

The humpback whales are using their vocalizations to communicate with another humpback for them to effectively and efficiently execute the bubble net so that all of them participating can feed. The group circles a school of small fish and use their team effort to disorient the fishes into the net of bubbles. One whale will start to exhale out of its blowhole under the surface to begin the process. Another whale will sound a feeding call while the other whales swim up to the surface and start feeding.

The humpback whales are migratory and are only eating for half the year. They will spend the summer months in feeding grounds that have cooler waters and they would return to the same spot each year. During the other half of the year, the humpbacks are spending time in their breeding grounds and they do not eat at all but during their feeding season, they can actively feed for up to 22 hours a day! They are doing this so they will have enough fat reserves stored in their bodies to live off during the breeding season.

It’s not only the visitors who were exciting about this sighting but also the staff of the Great Bear Lodge. The moment was captured on a video and posted as a short clip on their Instagram account and it didn’t take long for the video to go viral. Even though the onlookers were excited to see the humpback whales, they kept quiet and respected the privacy of these creatures, which is what every visitor should do once they get to witness amazing moments like this.


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