Group Of Nurses Working Long Shift Get Unsettling Note Attached To Pizza Order

Group Of Nurses Working Long Shift Get Unsettling Note Attached To Pizza Order


Everyone is familiar with the adage “A customer is always right.” The big question, however, is if all business owners respect it. Are they willing to meet their customer’s needs in any way possible? Seems not.

A certain nurse who works at Paris Regional Medical center in Paris, got quite upset when the pizza he ordered came with some rude note. According to CBS’s report, the unknown nurse was working the night shift, and she decided to order pizza from Domino’s. It was late in the night around the time Domino’s Pizza store closes.

The pizza was delivered but attached to it was a note that read “Thanks. We would appreciate it VERY much if you didn’t wait until 5 minutes before we close.”

The nurse and Kerry Miller, who is his friend, did not take this lightly and Miller made a statement to CBS 11 saying that note was the rudest thing she has ever seen.
He continued, mentioning that the time her friend called does not matter; the Domino’s need to serve their customers. He also said that they work anytime as nurses to save lives and in no time have they ever behaved similarly.

The enraged nurse asked at some point how anyone would feel if they wrote such a note then found themselves at the hospital the next day.

Miller was so upset that he took a picture of the note and posted it on social media.

CBS 11 tried getting a reaction or comment from employees at Domino’s, but none of them was willing to talk. However, Tlm Mcintyre, the spokesperson, later sent a statement.
The statement read, “We do not condone or encourage this kind of behavior or one-sided with customers.”

However, the response did not satisfy Miller. Probably she had expected an apology from Domino’s, which they did not offer. They also did not mention what kind of action they were going to take to correct what had happened.

Miller said that he wanted an apology from the Domino’s to the hospital especially to those who were around during the delivery.

“I don’t care if they have to bring a pizza to every floor, these nurses deserve something better.” He continued

However, the nurse’s incidence is not the first. Some of Domino’s Pizza store employees have been known to be rude to customers.

In December, Huffington Post reported a similar incident. A woman from West Bloomfield in Michigan ordered pizza, and it came with a note which read, “F… this c…”

Later, the woman said that one time she had complained about not getting the sausage pizza she had ordered. She, therefore, believed that this was retaliation in response to her complaint.

However, this time Domino’s took action and fired the manager who wrote the note.

Apart from these two incidences, there have also been other complaints from customers. The dissatisfaction has been on the standards of service and the workers’ interaction with customers. On many occasions, employees have been rude while some issues have been about delayed deliveries.

However, there is some hope that there will be change and increased customer satisfaction.


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