Granny Is Devastated When Town Condemns Her Home, Then She Sees 30 Strangers Lined Up Outside

Granny Is Devastated When Town Condemns Her Home, Then She Sees 30 Strangers Lined Up Outside


Our home is our treasure. Losing it can be very heartbreaking, especially if you have filled it with so much fun, happy, sad, and crazy memories! Every home should offer a safe shelter to every family. It should follow certain safety standard housing codes in order for you to keep your home. When you fail to do so, you might risk it and lose it in the end. Nobody wants to experience that which is why when Gina Gibson learned that her house is in trouble, she prayed so hard to help her save it from being condemned.

Gina Gibson is 4 weeks away from losing her wonderful home. This is pretty much everything that she owns but she knows that it would need some repairs. She never thought of moving or selling it to another interested owner. Her son shared that about 8 or 9 years ago when his stepdad passed away, Gina bought this house with the life insurance that she received. He said, “Pretty much all she has.”

However, it seems like her neighbors do not adore her house as she does! Someone filed complaints about her home lacking the appropriate features that would meet the standard housing codes. As a result, her home is to be condemned soon! Gina’s time is running out! However, repairs can take such a very long time and she also did not have the money to spend for it. Because of this, Gina decided to ask for helping hands in her community. She shared, “It was more expensive than we can handle so we asked for help…”

One morning, Gina heard bizarre noises from outside her home. She got somewhat terrified because she had no clue what could have been going on. She was curious so she went to investigate. This is when she discovered a surprise of a lifetime for her! It was 30 people standing outside her home, prepared to start redesigning Gina’s place. The community addressed her pleas for help and the people from the Claycomo Ford Plants UAW 249 motorcycle committee had consented to appear with enough people to do the major repairs like fixing her siding and canals.

One of Gina’s helpers said, “This world needs helpers… It really does.” Gina’s son was so amazed that this huge number of people who are strangers to her are more than happy to help his mom. After everything was done, Gina was shocked to see the result. Her prayers were answered! During her interview with KMBC, she said, “I was kind of not believing in people anymore and this just restored my faith in people.”

Her story was shared on her local news and many people were happy to see that there is still hope in this world. This was also spread all across the internet and it has received plenty of positive feedback! One of the commenters on an article about Gina’s new home named Al Zaino shared that this was done to where he used to live. He wrote, “This was done 20 yrs ago where I use to live & I was one of the workers that helped an elderly lady and save her house.” We would still be able to find good Samaritans who are ready to change the world, starting with a single house, Gina’s house.


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