Granny Accidentally Records Herself On Smartphone, Video Has The Internet Roaring With Laughter

Granny Accidentally Records Herself On Smartphone, Video Has The Internet Roaring With Laughter


Amy Buchan’s granny was moving to an assisted living facility for the elderly. She dropped by to help her mother pack up her grandma’s things only for her to come across a box that held blissful memories from more than sixty years ago.

As Amy was sorting out her grandmother’s belongings in the attic, she came across a box that appeared to have been put away for a long time. Out of curiosity, she opened the box only to find the most beautiful wedding dress. Her grandma had worn it about six decades ago when she was getting married to her grandfather. It had since been folded nicely and put in the little box which had almost been forgotten in the attic.

The dress was so prepossessing that she could not help picture her grandmother Ruth in it, years before she or her mother had been born. She then had an idea, and she went to find her grandmother as she carried the dress with her.

When she asked her to try on the dress, the old lady hesitated. It reminded her of the good old days when she had been a beautiful young bride to her beloved husband, who had passed on about eighteen years ago. She missed him every day and seeing the dress brought back his memories afresh.

After a little gentle pushing, nudging and pleading, Ruth agreed to put on the dress. It was breathtaking. The white gown fit her perfectly, after so many years. Amy’s mother could not stop herself from taking a few photos as Ruth relived her earlier days, and she posed with a huge smile on her face and her wedding photo in her hands.

As soon as Amy got back to her place she grabbed her computer and posted the photos to a Facebook group Love What Matters. She could not wait to show the world the true definition of love that she had just seen in her grandma’s eyes when she put on the gown.

The wedding dress from 1953 when Ruth and the late Jack were married brought back a flood of both sweet and sad memories. It was quite understandable that granny was not willing to put it on at first. She had been married to him all her life, and still loved him sixteen years after he left her.

Statistics show that today in the US a shocking fifty percent of couples in their first marriages end up divorced. Further, into the brutal rates, sixty percent of people in second marriage and seventy-three percent of those in a third marriage get divorced too. Remarrying is obviously not the solution. Also, there is one divorce every thirty-six seconds. You can imagine the number of divorces in a week or even a month.

It would only be fair to say that the love between Rose and her late husband was enough to get them through anything that came their way. They never split once, and even though like any other couple they had their disagreements, they found a way to resolve them and stay together, and never once contemplated divorce. It is clear that the two were meant for each other; surely they could not have survived a whole forty-seven years together if they did not genuinely love each other.

Isn’t that the purest form of love?


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