Good Samaritan Tries To Save Drowning Dog But Notices The Leash Around Its Neck

Good Samaritan Tries To Save Drowning Dog But Notices The Leash Around Its Neck


Sometimes it is difficult to understand and accept the reality that there are people who will have the heart to make a dog suffer. Sadly, not all humans want to be the dogs’ best friend. Just like this dog who has to suffer from the cruelty of a monster. Luckily, this pooch was rescued by a good samaritan. But what this person noticed was shocking.

Jane Hopper from Nottinghamshire, Britain was taking a walk one day when she noticed that a dog was struggling to stay afloat in a river. She initially thought that the dog accidentally fell into the water. So she went to the water and picked up the dog. The pooch was in such a bad condition that Jane was not sure whether it was dead or alive. She saw the dog blink so she was sure by then that it was still alive.

But as she was trying to get the dog out of the water, something was stopping her. She tried pulling on his leash until she reached the end of it. This is when she noticed that the dogs’ leash was tied around a heavy rock!

So she hurriedly unclipped the leash and brought the pooch to the shore. The dog was very weak and could hardly move. When other passersby saw what’s happening, they did not hesitate to help Jane and the poor dog. One woman handed some towels from her car while another man gave his sweater to warm up the dog once dry. According to Jane, the dog was ‘absolutely frozen’ and they thought that she would not make it. The entire moment was very emotional for everyone who was present that day.

Then once the dog is dry, Jane rushed her to the nearest veterinary clinic. Luckily, the vet was able to stabilize the dogs’ condition. When the vet checked for the dogs’ microchip, they discovered that she has one. Her name was Bella and she belonged to two owners, a man, and a woman.

The vet then reported the incident to the local police. It didn’t take long for Bellas’ owners to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

After a few days, Bella was staying at the vets’ and started to recover. Then she started eating and slowly regaining her strength. It was obvious that Bella has been a victim of abuse because of how malnourished she was. But despite what she experienced in life, she did not show any aggression towards any human that she came in contact with.

The police launched an appeal to the public to come forward if they have any evidence of Bellas’ abused life in the hands of her owners. Her story soon made it online. Even though it was still not sure whether someone will surely reveal any information about Bellas’ previous experiences, people from all across the globe who learned about her story were disgusted about how she was treated by her owners. In fact, a YouTube upload of her story gained numerous comments condemning the owners and praying for the dogs’ complete recovery.

Even though Bella has been through a lot in life, she was lucky that Jane was in the right place at the right time. She was Bella’s hero. If not for her, nobody knows if Bella would even be able to make it alive.


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