Goldie Hawn Breaks A Long Silence, Shares Photo Captioned With Heartbreaking News. Let’s Pray

Goldie Hawn Breaks A Long Silence, Shares Photo Captioned With Heartbreaking News. Let’s Pray


Apart from family, one person who you can always count on to have your back and be with you through high and low is a best friend. She is the one person who knows who you are yet still sticks with you. Losing such a person, therefore, is usually one of the most devastating states ever. However, what’s worse is the fact that you will not have someone to help you through the loss, because that person is already lying down lifeless. It is in such moments that you get grateful for the one person who is always there and will never leave, and that is God.

Goldie Hawn is a famous name and so is her face. However, she had gone silent for some while. She recently broke the silence when she posted a heartfelt three line paragraph after losing her best friend. The charming and fun loving 71-year-old woman shared an old photo on Instagram of her and the friend.

“My best friend has passed. Please treasure each other. Best friends get us through. Blessings to all this Sunday.” She captioned.

Through her devastation, however, the sweet actress shared some consoling words with her fans. This post had many people sending their condolences. Some also shared some stories to help her, and any other person go through the tough times. The fans also encouraged her that they will inevitably meet someday; probably to continue with their friendship.

The only people she could lean on right now were her family, and her fans thought so as well and encouraged her to do so. She sure had lost someone dear to her, and it was hurtful.

In the spirit of remembering their fondest moments as one fan had suggested, Hawn posted a picture of her granddaughter with her best friend. The little two girls were hugging each other and Hawn captioned it “ Says it all!”

The old fun loving lady has appeared in some interviews since then. In one of them, she shared that she held her family and friends close to her heart and that they are the people who make her laugh and smile all the time. She is a family person and always jovial, and this is why losing her best friend was a sad moment; one she probably wished was just a terrible nightmare.

The actress seems also to love travelling because she had gone to Europe for a holiday with the famous actor Kurt Russell. It is uncertain whether the two came back to see their friend for the last time. What is significant, however, is the strong message she shared with best friends, encouraging to cherish each other.

Imagining the feeling Hawn is going through cannot be difficult because everyone has someone they hold dear. These people could be family members or friends. However, the most important thing is how we get through it. We sob or mourn then let it go or do we encourage those who still have such people in their lives to cherish them? Hawn felt she had to tell the world just how special her friend was to her and to give some inspiration.

During such trying times, it is also essential to remember that God is one best friend who never leaves


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