Girl Puppy Is Terrified To Be At The Vet, Now Look At What Her Brother Does To Comfort Her

Girl Puppy Is Terrified To Be At The Vet, Now Look At What Her Brother Does To Comfort Her


A video of two pups at the vet filmed in Cairo, Egypt is doing rounds on the internet and pulling at everyone’s heartstrings. It proves that just like us, animals do care about each other and most importantly, they have a soft spot for family. It makes you question the countless human incidences of brutality towards each other, and sometimes one fails to make a clear distinction between animals and people. The two German Shepard puppies were cuddling with the big bro assuring his sister without words that she was going to be okay.

It is not clear how the two pups ended up at the vet, but they were suffering from a disease called parvovirus. The big brother had just been treated and was in the process of healing when his little sister caught the terrible illness too. She was in a lot of pain, and her brother could see this. He lifted his paw adorably and placed it on her head to assure that she was going to be okay. The two cuddled for a while, and it was clear that the little pup was in loving hands or paws, if you like.

Apparently, the big bro had been treated first, and once the vet had done his treatment, the little pup had shown some signs of anxiousness. Every effort was made to calm him down, but he just wouldn’t settle for anything. When his little sister was brought in, he calmed down almost immediately. He stuck around the entire time as the vet administered treatment to the younger dog.

The big brother stayed beside his sister the whole time as she lay down receiving a dosage from an IV drip, cuddling her and making sure that she got all the warmth and kisses she needed to get better. It was clear that no one would be messing around with this particular sister any time soon!

It was later reported that both pups made a full recovery. With so much love to go around, anyone would have healed pretty fast too.

These two siblings were suffering from a condition referred to as canine parvovirus, also called parvo in dogs. It is a highly contagious dog disease that attacks dogs, especially puppies and if not treated well, can lead to death. There are two types; intestinal parvovirus that affects the intestines, and cardiac parvovirus that affects the heart muscles. The latter is usually quite dangerous and commonly affects puppies between six weeks and six months old. It kills very quickly since it weakens the heart and its muscles.

Intestinal parvovirus in dogs is typically accompanied by symptoms such as severe diarrhea, speedy weight loss, lack of appetite, lethargy, fevers, and vomiting. This virus makes it hard for the puppy’s body to absorb the necessary nutrients and makes it weak. The vomiting and diarrhea also cause dehydration. Puppies suffering from parvo show signs that they are in a lot of pain, just like the little sister German shepherd.

Diagnosis of the condition is made using both physical and lab tests. If you notice that your dog is showing any of these symptoms, rush him to the vet as soon as you can. It is a very dangerous condition and is one of those that dogs get vaccinated for. It would also help if you brought a sibling to comfort it; apparently, it speeds up the recovery!


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