Girl Who Died Falling Out Of A Tree Just Saved 6 Strangers Lives

Girl Who Died Falling Out Of A Tree Just Saved 6 Strangers Lives


When 9-year-old Shaylyn passed away, her family was heartbroken. This Idaho family didn’t ever think that they would be grieving for their daughter this month. A tragedy happened and it took the life of their precious daughter.

Shaylyn was just playing in a tree and she fell. The impact was too strong that it affected her head as it was impaled on a piece of rebar.

Shaylyn’s mom, Jesi Bergeson, reached out to other people for prayer for her daughter on Facebook. She wrote, “Shaylyn fell from a tree and has a piece of rebar in her head we flew to eirmc and they said her condition is too complex so we are just loading up to fly to primary children. Please everyone pray for my baby.”

During her interview with EastIdahoNews, she shared that her daughter had a craniotomy. The doctors had to remove half of her skull to relieve the pressure. There was a lot of bleeding on the right side of her brain too.

The following day, Jesi posted another update. According to her post, a piece of metal ran through the whole left side of Shaylyn’s brain. The doctors told them that she would have a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. She added, “Our lil girl is a fighter and so strong and survived the procedure. She is not out of the woods, but we are so blessed to have her still. God, her sissy, and countless others have definitely been looking after her. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers please keep praying we have a long road ahead of us but our baby is alive and that’s all that matters.”

The entire community did not disappoint the Bergeson family. They rallied around them and prayed for Shaylyn. They also started a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for the medical bills.

Jesi expressed how blessed she is to be part of this community. She said, “We love them all and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing community. We could not imagine going through any of this without them.”

Unfortunately, Shaylyn’s condition did not improve despite all the efforts of the medical staff to help her survive.

Jesi posted a very emotional update regarding how they would want to donate Shaylyn’s organs. She wrote:
“Sorry this will be a long post there’s an important message we want to share first the there is an update on Shaylyn.”

Jesi shared how she and the rest of the family appreciate all the love and support that she received during this difficult time in their lives. She also shared that a few months before the accident, she, Shaylyn, and her husband Tristan, had a conversation about organ donations. She shared that without any hesitation; the little girl said that she would want to donate everything that she could, and this is exactly what they would do.

Shaylyn passed away. But her organs are going to save four lives and someone’s vision.

Despite the tragedy, the family are overwhelmed with how blessed they are. They are also very proud that their daughter saved the lives of five people. Through her organs, Shaylyn gave these people another chance in life.


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