Most Garlic In Supermarkets Comes From China And Is Bleached White. Here’s How To Spot It

Most Garlic In Supermarkets Comes From China And Is Bleached White. Here’s How To Spot It


Garlic can enhance a meal. But the reason why it is loved by a lot of people is its many health benefits. Many nutritionists and professionals in the field of medicine agree about the many health benefits of consuming garlic. Many of them even believe that what we currently know about the potential benefits of consuming garlic either as part of a meal or in other forms is just a few of the many other unknown goof things that it holds for the human body. By all standards, if there was a league for superfood ingredients, garlic would definitely earn a top spot there.

But the truth is not every garlic is the same, despite the general conceived significance and benefit to human health. Some garlic can be dangerous to human health when conceived this is because they contain bleach and other chemicals considered harmful to the body.

This infected and dangerous garlic seem to be coming in from China. One of the top reason why this is a problem is that US consumption of garlic depends to a large extent on China. In fact, just in 2014 alone, almost one-third of all the garlic used in the United States was imported from China.

But what is the origin of the problem with the garlic being imported from China? A closer look reveals a terrible truth. The problem with the garlic is introduced during its cultivation. It was revealed that in an attempt to increase the amount of garlic produce and to make more money, garlic farmers are making use of pesticides on the Garlic. While this isn’t a bad thing on its own, it is the chemical that is being used that is causing the trouble. The Famers are making use of Phorate and Parathion; two chemicals that can be potentially harmful to the human body when ingested.

Parathion, one of the substances is known to cause nausea and vomiting when ingested. Also, Phorate has been revealed to be carcinogenic on long-term exposure. Because of this garlic processed using these chemicals are considered potentially hazardous to health. This is why US officials and others from all over the world are raising an alarm and warning citizens to avoid garlic that has been imported from China.

To help keep citizens safe, officials in the United States are even going as far as teaching citizens how to accurately identify this harmful Chinese garlic using some simple signs. One sign is in the taste. Chinese garlic is not as safe as the locally grown one. Garlic from China is often much lighter and less bulbous.

On the other hand, you can be on the lookout for more obvious tell-tale signs as well. Like the fact that the locally grown garlic usually has its roots and stem intact. This is because, in an attempt to reduce the overall weight of the shipment from China, the farmers will usually remove the stem and root. Another feature to look out for is that Chinese garlic is also lighter and not as bulbous as the ones grown at home in the US. With all these features you should be able to spot out garlic that is safe to buy and those that aren’t.


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